Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome to...the Wonder Months

My pediatrician has a really nice perspective on things, and he is able to talk me down off a ledge on a lot of topics. He knows my background in child development, and my experience with kids with specials needs. He says he understands why I'm paranoid about everything, because he was the same way when his kids were small, being a pediatrician and all. So yesterday at David's 4 month visit, he calmed me down on a bunch of things that I was all strung up about, and then he said, "Make sure you appreciate this 4-6 month period. They truly are the Wonder Months." So that afternoon (after David crashed from his shots), I took some time to appreciate all that he has learned in 4 months. It really is amazing! Then we took this video, in which he showed off all of his skills really nicely, and also showed what a good natured baby he is, because this was just a few hours after receiving 5 immunizations, for heaven's sake! (It's a little long, and probably won't be interesting to anyone who isn't related to the child, but for posterity...)

David at 4 months:

17 pounds, 3 oz. - 85 %'ile

25 3/4 inches - 75 %'ile

Another interesting fact...I'm sure that those of you who have small children have heard that you "aren't supposed to put sunscreen on babies under 6 months." Well I asked about that, because I'm finding it difficult to keep him completely out of the sun when I'm carrying him around the park chasing a 2 year old, you know? And he said he had asked a pediatric dermatologist at a conference once, and that he said that whole thing is an attempt by the suncreen companies to avoid litigation, and not based at all in science. The worst that could happen from the suncreen is a rash, but a sunburn, of course, could be long term damage. So anyway, I feel better about that, seeing as we're going to the beach next month.

And finally, a funny Katy story from this morning: she and I were sitting at the table having bowls of cheerios for breakfast, and she was chugging milk from her sippy cup. She set it down on the table and let out a satisfied sigh. Then she looked puzzled at my lack of beverage and asked, "Where's your Bi Doke (Diet Coke), Mommy?" Oh, dear. I'm not sure what that says about me, but it can't be good.


Jen said...

David is getting so big...he's almost caught up with Emmaline!

Katy cracks me up! Apparently you drink lots of diet coke. =)

Pam said...

At least she didn't say "gin" LOL!

I sometimes wonder if your profession makes you worry more than us mums "in the dark" and now I know it does. If Katy is anything to go by, you know that your kids are going to be geniuses!

Loved the video

Mimi said...

What a cute video of your "little" guy. I enjoyed it thoroughly even though I'm not "related." Love his "do". Some guys pay good money to achieve that look.

Oma Froehle said...

It is amazing that David is grasping things and starting to be able to move and creep in just the couple of weeks since I saw him. Babies are incredible miracles!

Then there's Miss Katy! It is truly humbling to know that she is watching your every move . . . and reminding you about it later. :-)