Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Little Kiddie

 This little kiddie played his first soccer game...

(with long grass and an opposing team with identical jerseys, no less)

This little kiddie played too...

(wow...feels a lot more competitive this year with a bigger field, goalies, keeping score, etc)

 This little kiddie went to Tuesday school ... (like pre-preschool, one morning a week)

How does he wake up looking bigger?

With his buddy Rebecca ("Uh-becca"). My friend Wendy got a part time teaching job and I'm going to be watching Rebecca on Tuesdays. She is in Luke's class at Tuesday school and they are buds.
And THIS little kiddie turned 8 months old and her mom finally got around to taking her for portraits...

(blue dress that Melanie, Katy, and I all had our 6 month portraits taken in. Anna was a little late, but I think they turned out better this way because she's able to sit up now.)

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