Monday, July 09, 2012

Hot Stuff

So what do you do for a weekend visit at grandparents' house when it's 103 degrees each day? Well, as it turns out, you do the same things you did last summer. We talked about changing it up a bit by trying the air force museum, but then realized that the air show was in town and ummm....NO. Next time, though.

But the great thing about little kids is that a year is an eternity, and they loved all of these things just as much all over again. In fact, Katy was the one who begged to go to the baseball game, remembering how much fun she had. My dad was the only one willing to take the kids in the heat, so he took Katy and David all on his own. They loved it!

I had to laugh, because Brian said the highlight of the trip was going to Marion's Piazza for lunch. (I've always wondered what is up with the extra "a" in Piazza. Everyone pronounces it "pizza.") Marion's is a Dayton tradition, and I have SO many memories there from growing up: youth group outings, sports banquets, birthday parties, etc. Where else do you have to pay cash, and they still serve pop by the pitcher, which you can only order at the "bar." Ordering in two steps is part of the fun. They also have a game room where many of the games are still 25 cents. The kids really enjoyed it and I thought it was so fun to take the family there. Although we went to a different location than the one I knew growing up, and I told Brian that MY Marion's had a game room that was double the size. He said, "Yeah, right, it probably just seemed that way because you were a kid." That may be true.

Luke checks out the Lego display at the children's museum.

The touch pool.

They think it is SO cool to climb to the 2nd floor on that rope.

Back at Dad and Sue's house, Katy and David were playing in the bedroom, and Katy ran out and handed us this note: "Entertain Luke for us." This is a common request, but I think she has figured out that saying it out loud alerts Luke to the fact that he's being left out, so she decided to write it out. Hilarious!

The spray park was down right crucial this visit.

For some reason lately, David is constantly assigning super-hero roles in the family. Here, Brian is The Hulk.

Luke took awhile to warm up, but eventually he loved it, too.

Love that I captured my dad and David catching a bucket-full!

They surprised me with a nice cake and flowers. I also got to see my grandma twice, which was great.
So we had a great visit with Grandpa and Grandma Sue. It was interesting, though, that we had some struggles with the kids that surprised me. Katy and David both seem to having some new anxieties. Katy had trouble sleeping and had to sleep with David to avoid being scared. Then we went to church and only Luke made it through the service in the children's area. Luke, on the other hand, is just wild. I thought I knew how to parent a 2 year old, but he's a new kid, and I feel like I'm back to scratching my head. Lots of tears and drama and just trying to do what I can to figure it out. Let me know if you have any wisdom to share!


Cindy said...

Two serious highlights to this post. 1. The fact that you went to Marion's. The best!! If only Noble Romans weren't bottoms up. Reminds me that when we were home we spent an entire evening talking about Old Man Lamachy.
2. The shot of your dad getting a bucket of water dumped on him!! What a great grandfather!
Love all the pics, too. Katy's note so impressive!

Dad said...

Hey Emily,

I enjoyed the whole weekend. I wouldn't worry about Luke. The only problem Luke has, he is a full of energy and a very curious two year old boy. As what I see he is just a normal two year old who in time will grow out of it. The energy that boy has can't last forever.

Love You