Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Showing the snow who's boss

So the trip I mentioned? Went on as planned, with slight adjustments. On Friday morning, the weather report was saying snow and ice starting in the early afternoon, then following us to our destination (Oma and Opa's house). I had planned to leave right after school, but with that information, we decided to skip a day of kindergarten (I'll take my lashings now) and leave right after lunch. It was a good call - we drove on dry roads in the daylight and then sat in my mom's warm house and watched the snow fall that evening.

Pittsburgh got 6 inches of snow overnight that night. The next morning was the big event for which we traveled. Oma and Opa were to take Katy and David downtown to see Fiddlesticks - which is a young child's introduction to the symphony. Games, activities, instruments, and of course, a kid-friendly concert. We were debating up to the last minute about whether or not they should go, depending on the conditions of the road. But they decided to go for it - my mom said it was questionable on the way down, but they made it safely. Brian and I got to hang back with Luke (who was in toyland heaven).

A big part of the anticipation was dressing up.

You may remember these dresses from last year. And now Chloe has one, too!

Lukey loved Oma's house - especially the cool stool so you can help with cooking, crafting, and the like. Oh, and he slept through the night 2 nights in a row, which he hasn't done in MONTHS. Should we move in with Oma?

We do puzzles of every type.

Katy had requested jammies for Chloe, so she wouldn't have to sleep in her clothes, poor girl. So not only did Oma makes jammies, but a bathrobe, SLIPPERS, and a matching set for Katy. While we were there, Katy picked from the doll patterns and the scrap fabric and helped Oma sew another new outfit for Chloe.

TinkerToys were a new discovery this trip.

Katy had to prepare for her 100th day of school while we were there, since we pulled into our driveway just an hour before drop-off time on Monday. She needed to bring to school 100 of something, sorted into 10 groups of 10. When I was trying to think of an item which my mom would have 100, the first thing that came to mind was BUTTONS. She has jars and jars of buttons, I bet some of them are 30 years old. If you're ever missing one? Check with her - she might have it.

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Oma said...

We had an awesome time! I'm so glad you braved the January weather. Another highlight for us was a traditional round of "Opa's amazing flying machine." (His arms are still sore.)