Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Step for a Big Girl

Ever since the car accident in 2007, I'm a nervous driver, especially on the highway. I have gotten into the habit of always letting Brian drive when we take long trips on the interstate, which has certainly made it worse. Last Friday evening, I took a white-knuckled trip to meet my mom between here and her house in Pittsburgh. But it wasn't just the highway that was making me nervous - I was getting ready to send my baby girl to Oma's for the weekend - by herself.

As it turns out, of course, I had nothing to be nervous about.

Katy couldn't wait for me to turn my car around in the other direction, and they had a blast.  She barely spoke to me when I called, and mom says that they only sadness she expressed while she was there was, "Gee, I wish David were here." (He was missing her, too, and gave her the biggest hug when she came back)

Part of the reason for the trip was that my mom and Greg took Katy to see the Laurie Berkner band. She falls into the category of "kid's music that is tolerable for parents, too." The concert was downtown at Heinz Hall and my mom had made MATCHING DRESSES for her and Katy in sparkling peach. Katy thought this was the best part, and hasn't wanted to take off the dress since.

So we all enjoyed a different sort of weekend (it was certainly quiet around here without her. I took David swimming which he thought was a special treat.), and Katy did her best to wear out mom and Greg. I consider it a glimpse into the future of Big Kid stuff.


Pam said...

Your mum is such a good egg. I love that she made her & Katy matching dresses. I bet it was strange having her out of the house for the weekend.

Kelsey said...

What an awesome weekend for Katy! Harper would DIE if she could see Laurie Berkner - we love her. And those dresses are too much.

I'm sure it was hard to drive away, but I'm glad you all had a good experience with the brief time apart.

bluedaisy said...

What a fun weekend! I am curious to know if the band was a little easier/kid friendly than Disney on ice?