Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Eight nights. That's what it took before all three of the children had returned to their normal sleeping schedules. *shew*

We had originally told Katy that this would be a temporary situation, like maybe until she's five. Last night she said, "I don't WANT David to move out when I'm five. I want to share a room with David forever!" Brian asked, "What about Luke?" and she said, "Luke can sleep in here, too! The whole family can sleep together!" Be still, my heart. (and oh crap, what are we gonna do when we wanna put the boys together? maybe she'll change her mind by then)

Tomorrow, Luke will be three months old and I promise that I will post pictures of him, because I just realized that I haven't shared a picture of the poor child since he turned TWO months. I've been rambling too much. (And tired, have I mentioned tired?)


Oma Froehle said...

Good! I was going to whine about not having photos of Luke. I'm glad you are planning to put something up here.

Good thing Katy has a big room. It's going to get cozy in there. :-) Like I said in an earlier post, sharing a room with my brother was great as a kid. It will be okay to re-arrange later, though, when Katy starts wanting to have girlfriends sleep over. The trucks in her room won't be as fun then.

Pam said...

Three months!!!?! I told my dad at the weekend he was about 7 weeks old. I blame mommy brain.
I think you are brave doing the shared sleeping thing but you have given me some confidence to try it next year with J&D.

Kelsey said...

Hi Em! I'm glad the rooms are working out - I have been so absent, but I'm still following what is going on with the blog. I love that Katy so likes having David in her room.