Friday, September 10, 2010


*This week has seemed crazy, and we still have two more activities that don't start until next week. I'm sure it will all feel normal soon enough.

*The kids have had a snotty cold for the past week, including Luke. At 11 weeks old, I'm not overly concerned about a runny nose, but it's pitiful to listen to. I'm actually thankful that he has made it this far without getting sick, especially considering the number of illnesses his siblings are certain to expose him to. And David had a cold with a wet cough when he was 5 weeks old, so we made it farther than that!

*After much fretting, I have decided not to return to my work-from-home job. Prior to Luke's birth, I frequently had two hours in the afternoons to work while both kids were napping, and then some evenings after they were both in bed at 8. Now Katy has stopped napping almost completely, and Luke is unpredictable from one day to the next as to whether or not he will nap at the same time as David. I was starting to feel as though adding work to my plate at this time was going to send me right over the edge (I've been teetering too close as it is). I do hate to quit, though, because I loved working for them, and the set-up was really ideal for that season of my life. I really hope to work for them in the future.

*Brian and I text quite a bit (not just to each other, but in general), so Katy has picked up on this method of communication. She takes my phone (with a full keyboard) and asks me to set it up to send a message to someone, usually one of the grandparents. Sometimes she just types nonsense, but sometimes she asks me how to spell something, like "I ate cookies at school." Then she anxiously awaits a return text. They are good sports about it, especially the ones who are Verizon so they won't get charged. It has just now occurred to me to wonder if this is not the greatest habit to get her started on so young. Will she be asking me to text her kindergarten friends' parents' phones?

*I think David really enjoys the time when Katy is at school, even though they enjoy playing together. Yesterday we stopped at the grocery store next to Katy's preschool, and he was jumping up and down in the parking lot, "I go to store with Mommy!" (and Luke, but who's counting). We haven't been to this store since May, and we walked in and he said, "You looking for flowers Mommy?" I thought for a second and realized that the last time we were there in May, I bought flowers for an end-of-the-year event. I couldn't believe he remembered that.

*David is 2 and a half this month, which marks the beginning of the "difficult year, " at least in my experience with my daughter. It's true that suddenly his first response to everything I ask him to do is, "I duh-want to!" But he is more easily persuaded than his older example. And he's just so sweet and cute that I'm tempted not to get worked up about it.

*It is time to move Luke out of our room. He's looking crowded in the bassinet and waking up every time we roll over. I've been nervous about this room situation for quite some time. And after collecting your opinions, we had planned to do what most of you suggested, which I hadn't previously considered: put the boys together from the beginning. But now that it's time to go through with it, I'm wimping out. We're going to try putting Katy and David together and putting Luke in the nursery. Just temporarily. My concern is that Luke wakes up easily during the night (in response to noise, etc), and sometimes requires feeding, soothing, and time to get back to sleep. So I just want him to have a place to sleep on his own so that I can sleep. Also I thought of naps. The boys are the only ones who nap in the afternoon, so it would be nice to have them in separate rooms since they aren't on the same schedule (I'm almost always attempting to get one to sleep in the middle of the other's nap). So I'll let you know how it goes. This is just a trial and if it doesn't work, we'll try something else.


Pam said...

I feel the same way about my laptop as you do about the texting. It's great that they can navigate it and it helps better their communication etc. but I always worry that I'l encouraging bad habits. I wonder if our mums thought the same when they bought us Mousetrap?

Good luck with the sleeping arrangements!

Kelsey said...

I could really echo that second to last paragraph - I swear I thought Michael had gone insane one afternoon and looked at the calendar and low and behold, we was 2.5 exactly. Help me!