Friday, August 27, 2010

Two months (four days late)

Oh, Luke, I'm so sorry about the craziness that you were already born into! Yesterday the receptionist at my doctor's office asked to see a picture of you, and I fumbled around in my purse until I pulled up an already outdated shot from my phone. Ridiculous!
But you are two months old already, and you are such a sweetheart! You like your pacifier, watching your brother and sister, and "talking" to us, especially after a full belly. You are still sleeping pretty great (although as your bedtime creeps earlier, you're getting up to eat closer to the middle of the night rather than wee hours of the morning). I'm keeping fingers crossed that you will continue to sleep on the move in the mornings and be satisfied with your afternoon crib nap for now, because we've got a busy fall schedule coming up.
At your well visit this week, you came in at 12 pounds, 10 ounces (75 %'ile) and 23.5 inches (70%'ile). That's about a pound smaller than your brother was at this age (which by the way, I knew there was a mistake when they told me David was 55%'ile at two months.) You are in great shape, already dodging a fever/sore throat/body rash of a virus that circulated among your siblings. We talked about the fact that you aren't raising your head very well when placed on your belly, but I think that is my fault, because I've been lazy about putting you there (bad therapist!).
This video might not look like much, but to those of us who are related to you, it's pretty amazing stuff that you've learned in 2 months.


Oma Froehle said...

He's a cutie! Mr. Chill! They keep getting bigger and better every time, right Momma?

Pam said...

Your lad is so LOVELY and chilled. And you looked happy & healthy Em. It was lovely to see you all. X

bluedaisy said...

Love the video!! What an interactive little guy :) I love him!!

Kelsey said...

He already looks different! And I feel like we just saw you guys yesterday.

Allecia said...

Such a sweetie!