Thursday, August 19, 2010

Different river, different woods

We had a great visit with Brian's family in Kentucky this past week. I actually think that age 6-8 weeks is a small window of opportunity for traveling with an infant. They are far enough past the feeding-every-two-hour stage to make traveling at least possible, but they still sleep a little in the car seat and aren't aware enough to realize that they're not in their own crib so they sleep ok for naps and nighttime, too. Our biggest bump in this road was a fever from David on Monday-Tuesday. He was pretty miserable at certain points, but by the grace of Dora and ibuprofen, we were able to drive the five hours home without too much trouble.

So the kids swam their little hearts out (with floatie vests, a wonderful invention), and went down the slide like crazy (even David!). When they weren't swimming, they played lots of hide and seek with their cousins. Good times.

Can you believe that Luke is 8 weeks old? I can't. He's smiling lots more, and starting to be more awake and responsive. He's sleeping so well at night that I won't even write it for fear of stone-throwing. And as of right now, he usually takes one nap per day that is 2-3 hours, usually sometime in the afternoon, and then the rest are cat naps throughout the day. He likes his sleep, that's what I can tell about this boy so far. (again, won't last...I'm sure, once teething and rolling starts)


Oma Froehle said...

Half of the pictures you post of David also have food in them. LOL!! Looks like a good time.

bluedaisy said...

How did Luke get so big?? Adorable time is so fantastic!!!