Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods

Growing up, my Grandma Martha lived five minutes away from us, so I spent countless hours at her house. She lived alone and never drove, so our adventures were limited to wherever our feet or the city bus could take us. That wasn't a negative in my childhood memory, however. It was just that much more exciting.

This weekend my Grandma turned 90, and we gathered to celebrate her. As I put together a list of my favorite memories with her, I thought of sharing it here. I won't bore you with the details or the background stories, but just to paint a little picture of my time with Grandma.

Walking to the bank, the drug store, & to get lunch at Taco Bell or Burger Chef.

The smell of Charlie’s Donuts.

Field trips to Jack’s Aquarium.

Carnival rides at Immaculate Conception.

Calling you to ask if you would babysit me.

Sleeping on the pull-out bed in your room.

Eating buttered saltine crackers and Nutri Grain cereal for snacks.

Writing on the chalkboard in the basement and playing with the mannequin and extra rolls of toilet paper which were stored there.

The night of the car accident in your front yard while you were babysitting me, and the big chunk out of your front porch.

The creaking sound that the rocking chair made while I watched TV in your lap.

The books and toys that were stored under the loveseat.

Constantly bugging you to “write letters on my back.”

Going into the front bedroom to try on jewelry or play with dolls, and the rush of cold air when we opened the door.

Staying with you for a few days when mom was sick (pregnant with Melanie).

Watering the grass in the backyard and the rhubarb in the garden.

Your neighbors Debbie, Ken, Theresa, and Chuck.

Walking to your house from the doctor’s office once when I couldn’t find Dad.

The old Fridgidaire in the basement containing extra pop.

Riding the bus – sometimes even downtown.

Walking on “the wall” in your driveway.

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma! (and happy 25th to Mel, too!)

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Jen said...

Glad that you had a good visit and celebration. Our kids are reliving some of those same memories now with Nathan's parents, as they live just a couple blocks from Grandmas Martha. In fact, they just walked to Taco Bell for dinner last week with a stop off at Jack's Aquarium. Too bad they will never experience the yummy goodness of Charlie's Donuts. They were the best!