Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Festive Family

(Argh! I am having such a hard time getting to the computer! By the time I have a chance to sit, I should be in bed.)

We had a really nice weekend full of fun family activities. It's so nice to take time to just enjoy your kids. Our first accomplishment was to get set up to be able to bike as a family! Given some hand-me-down child seats for Brian's and my bikes, all we had to do was get helmets and we were ready to rock. Our new community is great for biking. We're close to the downtown area, there are lots of bike trails, and plenty of things to bike to. So last Friday we biked to the park, the library, and through downtown, headed for DQ (this was only a few miles altogether). Shortly before we reached DQ, Brian got a flat. So I felt like a hero as I walked him and the kids to get their food and then biked home alone to get the van to come back and rescue them. How exciting! (was probably only exciting because this was our first ride, and the timing was fairly good) I'm just really looking forward to this being a new mode of travel for us around town (and a way to sneak in a little exercise, too).

On Saturday we met some friends at the parade. Again, we biked. It's a good thing we have friends, because we were ill prepared. I don't know what I was thinking, just hopping on our bikes and riding down there, but we didn't have a seat, a snack, any sunscreen, or even a sip of water for the kids. Pam totally bailed us out. And Katy was glad to have her good buddy Jack as a candy-collecting partner.

Waiting for the parade to start (notice bikes with seats in the background - yay!)

God Bless the USA!!

That building behind them is my new CVS. It's a good one - they take expired ECB's!!

Sitting in this chair together was the plan...we didn't realize they'd really be standing in the street.

Katy wasn't thrilled about the fire trucks. I have to admit, those sirens are too loud close up.

Working out their candy-collecting strategy.

This kid sat so quietly in his stroller for so long that I was worried about him. It's safe to say he enjoyed himself.

On Sunday, we had my grandparents up to BBQ and see the new house (along with my Dad and Sue and my sister). It's always a treat to spend time with my grandparents. The grandpas helped Brian put up our new backyard attraction:

And the weekend had one more highlight! While I was volunteering at church, Brian sent me a picture message on my phone. Without being too graphic in my description, it clearly communicated that Katy had finally pooped in the potty!! I was beside myself with relief. Not that we're out of the water, but just having crossed that major hurdle. She's done it once again since then, so we're on the right track. Let's continue in the forward direction, shall we?

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