Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Third

(a day late and probably a dollar short. this week has been crazy.)

Katy, my dear,
Three years ago, you made your dramatic entry into this world and our family. That day feels like it was forever ago, because literally every single tiny aspect of my life has changed since then. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

In some ways I could say, "OMG! I can't believe you're three!" But in other ways, "two" has seemed like an inaccurate description of your age for many months. The difference between 24 months and 36 is worlds apart, and you are such a little person these days. It blows my mind.

You insist on trying everything yourself, including dressing yourself, getting in and out of the car seat, and getting your own milk. You have thrown some serious fits over not being allowed to buckle yourself into your car seat.

You are such a social being, it's incredible. When we go to the park, you instantly pick out some unsuspecting child and claim them your "friend" for the day. If that kid doesn't work out, you pick another one. You want to be in the middle of whatever Daddy and I are doing. Sometimes that slows us down in a significant manner, but I know one day we'll long for your company in this way.

You are SO HAPPY almost all the time. It is my favorite part of parenting, to witness the joy that you have throughout the day over the simplest things. The only exception to your happiness is when you are not getting what you want (i.e. to stay up past 8, endless carbo snacks, or giving your brother a turn with one of your favorites). You can protest pretty intensely, in order to even out that joy I mentioned.

I have loved seeing you develop a relationship with David this year. Just in the past couple of months, you are starting to play together, and now you are asking him, "David! Do you want to play kitchen with me? Do ya, huh, huh?" until I bring him over. One of my greatest hopes as your mom is that you guys will be close as you get older. There is nothing better than strong bonds with siblings.

It is such a thrill to watch you develop into a "big kid" before my eyes. I love every stage more and more and I can't wait for what's next. (Let's hope you are potty trained soon and that we have a good start in preschool in the fall)

Your third birthday is one I will never forget. Days away from moving, we wanted to pause and celebrate, so Daddy took the day off work. He stayed home with David in the morning while you and I went to the zoo - just the two of us. This was such a special treat, and we had a marvelous time. I couldn't believe how well you climbed up in the gerbil tube park area. But while we were at the zoo, David slipped out of his cast - again. Daddy didn't have a car seat to take him to the doctor and had to borrow a car from Pam. They took another x-ray and decided that he was healed "close enough" to leave the cast OFF - after only 2 weeks! We were thrilled but also feeling nervous that he is unprotected after such a short time. You and I enjoyed lunch at Culver's on the way home from the zoo, complete with your very own "sunset" (aka sundae). My favorite moment from the morning was when we were walking along, holding hands, and out of sheer excitement you leaned over and kissed my hand. Oh, I wish I could package that sweetness.

During nap time, Daddy and I had scrambled to get a babysitter to go take care of a situation with some furniture that we purchased for the new house. When we returned, you opened your gift, my first leap pad, and were so excited that you didn't even want to leave to get your favorite tacos and play at the park. But after another evening of fun, we put you to bed and continued to run around preparing for our move this weekend. What a crazy and memorable day!

So happy birthday, baby girl. You are an incredible kiddo, and I am sincerely looking forward to your fourth year. I think it will only get better and better.

Love you,


Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Katy!!

My brain totally short circuited at the notion of her being THREE. I was all, NO, she's just turning TWO. From my perspective, that year just flew by.

LOVE these photos, by the way. She is beautiful.

Pam said...

What a lovely letter. She is such a character your daughter and is growing up so quickly!
Good luck with the move. Tell your mum to come by with the kids if she wants to - Jack would be tickled pink to show Katy his pool.

Kelsey said...

I love that zoo and Culver's (started in WI you know) so those were fun pictures!

AND Katy - what a big girl! Happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter. I hope we get to see you sometime this summer!