Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey! Look at my kids!!

Not much meat in this one, folks, pretty much just pictures and videos of my kids. First I wanted to show you the protraits we had done at JCPenney recently for Katy and David's birthdays. I mentioned that I think we must've been the third person this girl had ever photographed in her life, and it was a very disappointing visit. But it's a lot of effort to get them all dressed up and make the trip to the studio timed perfectly around naps, so we picked the best we could and went with it. I'm pretty happy with the one of the two of them together.

My step mom Sue made the dress that Katy is wearing in the last one. It was a flower girl dress for her great-niece in her other niece's wedding, and she labored pretty intensely on it, so it was fun to get Katy's picture in it.

Also, a quick David update: on Monday while my mom was watching him, he woke up from his nap and had slipped out of his long arm cast. I took him in and the ortho doc said he had never seen a kid do that before. Is that strange? So they made him another cast, and this one is made with that waterproof lining - have you seen these yet? They are somewhat sticky so it is staying in place better on his arm, which is good. But the coolest thing is that you can get them wet! I gave him a bath tonight and the cast was completely submerged and it was fine. It's really weird. And someone told me today that they saw a kid in the swimming pool with one on her leg. Who knew...
So David was taking a few steps here and there before he broke his arm, and then I thought he'd be crawling until the cast came off. But now he's figured it out again and is more readily taking steps. But unlike my daughter, this kid requires proper motivation. At the risk of appearing to be training a dog, I can only get him to walk to me by offering treats. Observe:



Giselle said...

He is so so so cute! And I love the caveman sounds just like Michael. Although Michael is not even close to walking. ;) And I think the professional shots are great. I especially like the one of David holding the number one. He looks so he just grabbed it off the shelf or something. Very cute!

One more thing...if they HAVE waterproof casts...why don't they automatically put them on kids? Why wouldn't you just skip right to that for a one year old? Just curious...seems like a really great invention and I don't know why they'd torture you with the old kind.

Erin said...

Beautiful. That first one is a classic.

Great news on David's cast!

Emily said...

That's a good question, Giselle, and I plan to ask that when I go back to get it taken off. I'm thinking it's one of three things. The waterproof cast is either a) more expensive, b) not as comfortable (David can't tell me, of course), or c) has some other risk that they didn't tell me about so as not to scare me, like greater chance of sores or swelling or something else. So we'll see what they say.

Physibeth said...

Those pictures are so adorable! And I love David's knee baseball catcher in training perhaps?

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, those are good pictures...even if they were the only good ones. My poor son hasn't had professional photos (of any sort) since he was a year old. I'm lazy.

Glad David is getting around well. I'm sure nothing will stop this little guy.

Jen said...

The pics. you got are adorable!

Can't believe David is walking already!