Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 year olds: party of 4

Even though Katy doesn't officially turn 3 until next week, I wanted to have a party for her before our move got really chaotic. I knew that Katy would have a blast this year having a "friend party" with several of the kiddos she considers BFFs. So I invited 3 of her little buddies and their families. Bonus: their parents are good friends of mine, and Oma and Opa were there to help.

The kids seemed to have a seriously good time, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well. It was so sweet to watch them have such a good time and see the excitement on Katy's face throughout the celebration. The party was also bittersweet in some ways. Two of her 3 friends live right on our street, and the 3rd one lives just a couple of miles away. I know that once we move, we won't see them as often, and that makes me incredibly sad. But for today: we party!

Of course it starts with the cake! Katy requested a snake cake, and I found this recipe online.

The birthday girl, wearing a new dress from Oma!

Strange coincidence: Katy and Brooklyn, in the middle, will be 3 on the same day. Jack and Ella, on the ends, will be 3 on the same day this July.

We got lucky as the weather cleared up just in time for the party.

Jack was such a trooper with all those girls! He and Katy are such good buds.

Katy was so excited to have 3! candles!

Oh, that face!!


David enjoyed this cake better than his own birthday cake.

Brooklyn's sister Maddie will have her own birthday cake soon!


The girls put on princess clothes and had a dance party. It was absolutely hilarious. I also love the Dads holding the Next Generation in the background.

These mommies switch babies (born 3 days apart) - to appreciate the size difference!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Katy!

These pictures are awesome. Katy is beautiful and I could eat David up!

Great job with the snake cake too. I once did a "very hungry caterpillar" cake for Cal and it didn't turn out nearly so nice.

Allecia said...

Great pictures! Katy reminds me so much of what my younger sister looked like when she was that age. Looks like you had a great day. Isn't is a bonus when you can enjoy it and get to socialize with your friends too??!!

Oh, and so glad to see David smiling...the cast must be an improvement over that sling.

bluedaisy said...

Oh, the pictures are beautiful! Katy's expressions are priceless & David is equally delicious :) The cake turned out great and gives me an idea for some upcoming Bdays I need to plan. It looks like you had alot of fun- and that's the whole point of a party, right? Happy Birthday Katy!!!

Kelsey said...

Katy is such a big girl!

You're getting good at the cakes!