Tuesday, April 15, 2008


9:00am: Call the pediatrician to describe the condition of David's belly button (i.e. "not so pretty"). They ask me to bring him in later.

9:45am: Discover that I have 2 children who enjoy a good "bideo."

10:45am: Take David to the women's center to make sure he's gaining weight. He is. He weighs 10 lbs. 6 oz., which means he gained almost a whole pound in a week. Check "low milk supply" off of my "things to worry about" list.

12:00pm: Have lunch at home and play outside for a bit. Katy seems particularly whiny, even outside.

1:45pm: Brian puts Katy down for a nap and I take David to the doctor.

2:30pm: David's cord stump is not infected, but they do a "chemical burn" to dry up the mess. Yuck.

3:15pm: Wait in line 15 minutes to pay $3.19/gallon for gas because the first 3 place I went were charging $3.45.

3:45pm: Come home to find that Brian has torn out the bathroom sink, which we have been talking about replacing with a vanity for quite a while. Discuss and decide to use his last 2 days off of work to "do it right" and take out the toilet and re-tile the floor. He begins destruction.

4:00pm: Katy wakes up from her nap and won't stop crying. She feels warm. Taking temperature reveals 102.5 fever. Administer ibuprofen and allow her to watch Dora again to get her to stop crying.

4:15pm: Cancel plans to have dinner with our friends from church. Feel bummed.

6:30pm: Leave to get Chinese food for dinner, with Brian at home with 2 kids.

7:15pm: Return to find Katy in screaming tears. Fever is back up to 102.5, even on the meds. Look up dosage chart and discover that we should've given her almost twice as much, because she's grown since we gave it to her last. Supplement with acetaminophen until the next dose is due.

7:15-8:00pm: Hold a screaming toddler who refuses to eat and can't tell us what hurts. Finally convince her to go night-night, and she mercifully collapses into bed.

8:00pm: Reheat and finish eating my dinner.

8:30pm: While Brian works into the late hours of the night trying to get our bathroom functional again, try to keep David happy and search the internet for some reassurance that my infant won't catch the raging fever that my toddler has. Find nothing.

9:30pm: Fold laundry that Brian washed earlier in the day.

10:30pm: Start the process of getting David to bed. For some reason he's not in the mood, and I am not able to lay him down until 11:33pm.

11:58pm: Collapse into bed.

11:59pm: Brian collapses into bed.


Anonymous said...

What a full Day!....They have matching cheeks....Kathy and Papa John

Pam said...

I know she's ahead of Jack in this respect but could she be teething? Seems like all of Jack's remainding teeth are coming in this week and he's MISERABLE.... Just a thought.
I'm sorry you had such a stressful day.

Good luck with the bathroom renovations - isn't it funny how you have a full plate right now but decide to pile more on? We do the same thing. Got relatives visiting, ill child, car broken down, I know - I'll build a patio! We must be mad....

Mommy Daisy said...

That is quite a day. Those are still two of the cutest kids there though.

Jen said...

Hopefully Katy is feeling better today. I'm glad that Brian is at home just in case you need a break (although it sounds like he has his hands full!). Please post pics. of the new project (when you have time...no rush!) =)

Oma Froehle said...

David looks kind of bored. I didn't know they got that look so young. :-)

Hopefully the baby's immunity will protect him from Katy's ills. BF babies have an edge like that.

Love, Mom

Kelsey said...

I hope the illness leaves the house and soon! Good luck with the bathroom. Time for me to marvel again at the handiness inhabiting your house!

Weed said...
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Weed said...

Oops....I just commented but had to delete it because I used my little one's name by accident! Anyway, here's what it said (sans the name!):

Oh my....I hope today was infinitely better! R has been teething again, so maybe that's what Katy's going through. I really hope she's feeling better. And don't forget that R would love a play date with her! I could even come over sometime and pick her up and take the girls to a park or something to give you a break if that would be easier for you than trying to bring her (with David) over here. Let me know!