Friday, January 24, 2014

Record lows

Do you ever remember a winter like this? Continuous snow, bitter cold for weeks on end, lots of germs circulating around and around. Even when I lived in Ithaca for 5 winters, I don't remember winter being this relentless. We got lots more snow there for sure, but it wasn't bitter cold for so long. And it's still January!

Last week we had a sickie week. Luke had a fever virus that got better and then turned into an ear infection bad enough to burst his eardrum in the middle of the night. Then the very next day, David suddenly got very ill and was miserable all night and delirious to the point of now knowing who I was. He ended up having strep throat. Two boys on the pink stuff and we're all much better.

This week has been miserably cold and the upcoming week is supposed to be worse. People are already speculating about school closings for cold temps again. Between snow days, holidays, and sick days, we have yet to have a regular week since Christmas.

So we're keeping busy with all of our regular activities, huddled up in the house and bundling 4 children when we need to go out. I hope you all are keeping warm, I am ready for a little bit of a break - even 35 degree would be nice!

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bluedaisy said...

We haven't had as many school closures but this past week finally got to us. MLK 3-day weekend plus 2 days off for the bitter cold. Ugh! Our district has added a day to the end of the year and shortened the Easter break by one day. Like you said--and it's only January! The relentless cold is the worst...stay warm and I hope everyone gets better and you get a break from the sickies :)