Monday, January 06, 2014


Today was supposed to be the first day back to school after break, but the outdoor thermometer currently reads 0 degrees and the windchill is supposed to be negative 25. Same forecast for tomorrow, so most likely we won't go back to school on Wednesday. And Friday is professional development day. And Katy missed the last two days of school before break. The great part is that Brian's university is closed today so he's home with us, too.  The big kids are doing some schoolwork right now so their brains don't turn to mush.

(Just as I was typing that paragraph, I got the text that there's no school tomorrow.)

We've been back from our trip for a week, and we've been home for most of that time (Brian worked a couple of days).  It has been REALLY nice to have the time off, but we're also ready to get back into a routine.  And the weather this winter has been rough so far. David and Katy start basketball/cheerleading this week, church activities this week, Girl Scouts starts back up next week (cookie time!), and we're gearing up for a first birthday!! (I have no idea what to get that baby girl for her birthday. She's a fourth child and I just used all of my ideas for Christmas. I'm making her something, not sure if there will be anything else.)

A random story that I forgot to tell back when we went downtown for the Nutcracker: I was driving a couple of girls in my car, in a caravan with another vehicle, and we happened to pull into the surface parking lot (in the middle of downtown - we were the only vehicles there since it was the weekend) at the same time as 2 other cars in our group. So it was raining and cold and I was flustered trying to shove cash into the honor-system parking fee box while 12-ish people were waiting on me. So then we walked into the theater. After the show, I was in line for the bathroom when one of the parents called me: "Ummm...Emily? You rear passenger door is standing wide open in the parking lot. The seat is soaking wet so I think it's been open the whole time?" (that would be over 3 hours). So then I was panicked all the way to the car, wondering if someone had broken into the car (GPS and stereo are the only things of value) or if it would even start if the interior light had been on the whole time. So I made sure I had someone who could give me a jump start if necessary and headed back to the car. GPS and stereo were still there, car started right up. One of the girls must have left the door open when we got out and I was too busy and flustered to notice. Shew! But is it sad that I am SHOCKED that nothing was stolen while my car sat visibly wide open in the middle of downtown for 3 hours? Unless they assumed it had already been broken into?

Just 3 pictures... 2 of which are leftovers from our Christmas trip that were emailed to me by other family members.

A cousin shot at my mom's house.

I love this - Kim is so great with her much younger boy cousins - they adore her and follow her around everywhere. All the girls do a great job of playing with the little ones.

Keeping busy in this long cold stretch of weather. And they've given away so many...this is just what's left over.

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