Monday, July 08, 2013

Kentucky trip 2013

It's our kids' equivalent of going to Disney - they look forward to Grammy and Papa John's Cousin Swim all year!

Our 3 swimmers did SO well in the pool this year - it was awesome to watch. Katy and David were regular fish - Katy can swim around in the deep end without any problem. David dives head/body first off the side and will easily swim in the deep water with a floaty vest. And even Luke was doing really well - feeling very comfortable in various flotation devices. They literally swam until they dropped for 3 days (and we avoided rain!).

LOVE this picture of Anna smiling up at cousin Kim!

So many extra hands to hold her this week.

There's always lots of good to food to be eaten when you get out of the water.

Roasting S'mores was a new treat this year.

Waiting on marshmallows...

Cousin photo!

Leah and Anna were good buddies, too.

Root Beer floats for David and Carrie. Another first...Katy and David saw their first full movie in a theater - Monsters U. Katy really liked it. David was a little scared and wanted to leave about 10 minutes before the end .

This picture is going in every family photo collage for the next 10 years - I never get a good photo of these two!

Another good one of another great couple.

Smoky sparklers. The local fireworks were postponed due to weather, so Mark and Brian went old school and went and bought some. As a girl who grew up in the burbs of Ohio, I have never done anything beyond sparklers and poppers.

It was an experience that the spectators enjoyed. Except for Luke - the poor kid was traumatized and I had to take him inside and calm him to bed. Should've listened to my gut which told me to put him to bed before we did them. Hopefully he will forget by next year?

On the way back home, we stopped in Lexington to visit some friends. Mark and Anne just had their first baby - adorable little Thomas. It was also really fun to see their house, as well as Brandon and Melanie's new house. Big changes for everyone!

Such a nice picture of everyone! Too bad I forgot to pack a patriotic shirt for myself. Even Brian remembered? That's what happens when I'm packing for 5.

We took a bunch of photos of our 4, but this is the best we got. Always a challenge.

Brandon holds baby Thomas.

Melanie with Anna - the kids are drawn to Brandon and Melanie and ask about them in between visits. It was nice to see everyone!

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