Monday, July 08, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!!

Luke's new room. He's hosting the guest bed - which will be his bed when he moves out of the crib.

But he's sleeping well in his crib and is happy there for now so I am NOT messing with it.

Melanie's old room/former guest room becomes Anna's nursery! I have been so blessed by friends. My friend Shelly gave me this crib (I've always wanted a white crib!) and my neighbor Lisa loaned me the mattress. My friend Sarah gave me all the girly decorations (she had two girls and then her third was a boy).

I just love the room - so comfy and cozy with warmth and pink.

My view while I'm nursing...

Back for Katy's birthday in May, my mom gave her my childhood desk (Mel used it for many years, too). She LOVES having her own space for all her books and school supplies and crafting stuff and personal items. It makes me happy.

Huge project: Brian's building a paver's patio. He did a big push this weekend (after previously rerouting plumbing and doing the measurements). He spent one whole day digging by hand and leveling.

And of course wheelbarreling the dirt away.

David was a huge helper - never left Brian's side all weekend and really worked! With his own wheel barrel!

Then they delivered 9 tons of limestone gravel. (Brian had to dig this trench because the rain was flooding the street).

Opa came to help for day 2: moving 9 tons of gravel from the street to the backyard, one wheel barrel at a time.

Tada! One more weekend (hopefully) to lay the bricks and the leveling sand.

We started Anna on cereal because she seemed like she was reaching for our food and moving her mouth. But she hasn't been digging it much. We'll keep trying, but I'm not sure if it's the taste or if she's not interested.

Katy lost one of her two front teeth! It's kinda sad - I feel like her baby face will change so much with those big front teeth. But she is loving missing the one. I hope the other one comes out soon because I love that toothless grin!

And to top it all off, I'm preparing for a garage sale with my mom and sister this weekend. I am giddy with excitement because I LOVE getting rid of stuff and I LOVE garage sales. Fingers crossed that we get some good traffic.


cindy said...

Cannotbelieve the work Brian is doing!! I am incredibly impressed.
Anna is GORGEOUS. Look at those blue eyes! And the cheeks! I really hope to finally meet your (other) pretty girl in Dec!
And the desk!!!! So excited it will continue to be in your home! Love the desk. Brought me back.

bluedaisy said...

I love the room changes and am amazed at all you are doing to your home!!