Monday, April 08, 2013

Tidbits: Finally spring edition!

- The weather is finally warm, and although I don't have any pictures of it, we've been spending tons of time outside. We dug out all the bikes and riding toys and wagons and once again, we cannot park any vehicles in the garage, but that's ok. Going outside has challenges at this stage... Katy and David are old enough to be out there alone (with me watching from inside), but if they are out there - Luke wants to be out there. And he's insistent, so he'll throw a fit and make you miserable until you take him out. Which means I have to bring the baby out, which requires making sure she's fed, warm, putting on some kind of carrier or something. Then she only lasts so long before she's fussy, needs to be fed/changed/rocked or Luke needs to be pottied/changed/disciplined (for running into the street, commonly). So then I'm fighting Luke to come inside about every 20 minutes, trying to keep an eye on the older two and it's a circus. A CIRCUS. But  I'm so relieved we aren't doing soccer this spring. That would have taken me over the edge.

A few weeks ago, Katy had spirit week, including Wacky Wednesday. She came up with this outfit.

The hair was my idea.

Sue is taking our dining table chairs one at a time and replacing the dirty cloth seats (no seriously, the picture does not do it justice. They are so filthy that I am embarrassed for people to sit on them), and replacing them with the brown vinyl material on the left. Wipes clean! Amazing! We are so thankful for her effort.

- Every other spring, I have to do some coursework to maintain my occupational therapy license. I can do it all or mostly online, and I'm working on it now during evenings and weekends. It's not a huge deal, but every time I do it, I debate whether I want to keep the license. It's an expense both time-wise and financially, and the farther I get away from it, the more unsure I am that I will use it in the future. However, if I let it lapse it is very difficult to get it back (I'd likely have to take some classes in order to pass the certification exam again). And if I needed it, it's definitely a good job to be able to get (lots of openings all the time, good money). So I consider it an insurance policy of sorts to keep it up, even though I don't anticipate using it in the near future.

- This past weekend, Grammy and Papa John came into town (rescheduled from 2 weeks ago) for more grandkid spoiling:

Brian wanted to take everyone to cosi for their S'more making kit. The kids had a blast roasting marshmallows at the table!

The little bunsen burner takes patience.

Eventually we did eat S'mores.

Then it was on to Build-a-Bear - David had never been before and got to pick out an animal for his birthday from Grammy and Papa John.

He chose a leopard and named it Diego. He loves playing with animals and knew exactly which one he wanted.

Bath time for all the bears. Katy and Luke brought bears from home that had been stuffed on previous occasions. Katy brought her own money (she's been earning $2/week allowance for chores, splitting the money into spend/save/give categories in her bank) and bought socks and hair ribbons for her bear.

So relieved when the worker emerged from the back of the store with one remaining Iron Man costume! He had seen it online and had his heart set on it. Have you ever seen a leopard dressed as Iron Man? There's a first time for everything.
So happy to see April! Hopefully outdoor pictures will follow...

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