Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Great-Grandparents/More Birthday/Easter/House Update

We had such a good visit with my grandparents. It's always fun to introduce a new great-grandbaby.

My grandpa is amazing. Not only does he rock the baby to sleep, but he rides his bike to get the mail and uses a chainsaw to cut firewood.

Oh, and he pulls the kids in a tractor.

My grandparents' backyard. I wonder how many hours of my childhood I spent in this woods?

Love it here.

He would only sit on it when it was turned off. He's a cautious boy.

Over at my Grandma Martha's house, Dad and Sue planned a little party for the kids. They had to find their Easter baskets hidden around the house.

Superheroes were the gift theme for David this year. He will look stunning for kindergarten!

Anna was so happy in the great-grandparents' arms.

Sue mixed up the cupcakes with letters on them and challenged the kids to spell "Happy 5th Birthday David". They got a kick out of that.

Back at our house, we combined Easter with my mom and Greg, mom's birthday, and David's birthday.  David loves Angry Birds, so I wanted to make him an Angry Birds cake. Which might be quite challenging, except that Brian had the idea to just buy this game, put the pieces on the cake, and then wash the pieces off and give him the game afterward. Brilliant. And they actually LOVE the game, too, and it's a good skill-builder, as they have to copy the designs for the towers.

David's gift from us was this Razor Rip Rider 360, which we found at Christmas-time for 80% off clearance. It's like a big wheel, but you can also spin around on it and do 360's.

Easter egg hunt. The best part was the weather (it's been so cold still, so 55 degrees and sunny felt like heaven!), and the fact that they kept re-hiding and re-finding the eggs all afternoon.

What is it about Easter egg hunts? The kids look forward to this all year.

So. Easter choir. Katy really wanted to try it this year, and my mom was singing, too, so it was nice that they could go to rehearsals together, she'd be up on stage, too, etc. I still wasn't sure how she'd do. This is her pre-service nervous face. So on Saturday night at the first service, we were all there, in the front, she saw us, and she did fantastic! I could NOT believe how beautiful she looked, and how expressive she was. Lots of people made comments about what a good job she did (she was one of the littlest), and the overall director said she was a future worship-leader. :)  But then Sunday morning, she ended up getting nervous and didn't see me right away and she came down from the stage and sat with me in the front row. We didn't stay for the rest of the services. I was really disappointed because she did SO great Sat. night. So I'm going to post this short video clip to celebrate her success at the first service. (There are about 70 people in the choir, but I framed it so Katy is in the lower left and my mom is in the upper right.)

Easter morning baskets. (Highlights: matching "Angry Birds" shirts for the boys, "Operation" band-aids, and Disney story books.)


New at our house this year: those plastic wraps that you put on the egg and shrink with a hair dryer.  I love those things!

So now Spring Break is over, April is here, and I'm glad to get back to a regular routine. C'mon, spring!

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