Saturday, October 20, 2012

Full Fledged Fall

Grammy and Papa John came for a visit and we packed some fall into the weekend. We ate chili, went apple picking, made an apple pie, and watched football (of course). The apple orchard was wet and chilly and crisp. And they told us to feel free to eat, so we did.

Hurry! Before they're gone!!

She's been asking to go picking for a month.


He had a little trouble getting over his cold, wet hands.

He had a little trouble with the concept of "remove apple from tree, place in bag."

Lovin' their Grammy!

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Weed said...

So glad you got to go! We tried to go up at my parents' house this weekend, but all of their apples were high up in the trees and they said we'd need ladders, so we didn't even try it. We just bought their apples in their market. So not the same!