Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ultrasound Day

Most of you know our news from this week because of Facebook/texting/old-fashioned phone conversation, but I always want to remember the day we had our 20 week ultrasound for baby #4.

Brian stayed from from work in the morning, so he walked Katy to school. I was having serious Nervous Tummy, partially because I was hoping they would be able to tell the gender of the baby, and partially because I hadn't been feeling much baby movement, and I kept having this sinking fear that something could be wrong.

After taking Katy to school, Brian stayed home with Luke so I could take David to his Meet-the-Teacher day at preschool. He has been a little hesitant about going back to preschool, mostly because he hasn't been there for awhile and also because he's content to play with cars all day. But once we got there, he was excited and so sweet. I LOVE his teachers. They've been teaching preschool for a long time and I love their mission for the kids and they seem so organized and loving and fun. When David and I got back in the car, I asked him, "What did you like about your new class?" and he said, "Let's turn off the music so we can talk about it." I love this kid. Can't wait to see how he likes it this week.

Brian and I dropped off the boys at my friend Beth's house and we went back to pick up Katy from school and take her to the appointment with us. She was so excited to be picked up in the middle of the day that she skipped into the office. (This was the recommendation from my doctor, by the way, that Katy was old enough to understand and appreciate being there, but the boys, at their ages, might be more of a distraction. I agreed.)

The best part of the ultrasound was that the baby looked healthy and active. I guess my placenta is in the front, which is preventing me from feeling as much movement. I hadn't realized how worried I was until I felt the tremendous relief of that news.

Katy was really interested in the ultrasound, and she really seemed to understand, making all kinds of comments about the arm moving, there's the head, etc. Toward the end of the appointment, she said, "I'm really getting the hang of looking at this thing!" It isn't easy, I don't think.

So early on, the doctor said, "Well, Katy, you are having a SISTER." I have to admit that right away I didn't believe her. I couldn't see what she was looking at, and it looked so unclear, so we asked her how confident she was and could she show us again. A few minutes later, she went back to that spot, paused it and outlined it for us. Finally the lightbulb came on and we all saw it, and for the first time it started to sink in - we were really having a GIRL! Katy said, "I was wanting a sister!"

Now, of course, I would have been thrilled to have three boys, I certainly love my boys. But I have been really excited to find out that we're having another girl. After having 2 boys, it doesn't feel as likely that you'll have a girl, and it will be so special to do all the girl stuff again, and for Katy to have a sister. Having a sister is a huge part of my life, and I'm thrilled for her to have that experience.

David, by the way, wanted a sister too. I think because he plays well with Katy, but Luke grabs his toys and frustrates him. So he'll take one of those sisters, thanks. Oh, and he would like to name her Holley Shiftwell. "No, for real, Mom!" he says as I'm laughing.

We left the appointment and grabbed lunch on the way to pick up the boys. Once we got home, I walked Katy back to school. Right away the secretaries saw the pictures in her hand and just flipped out, asking her all kinds of questions and making over her like crazy. Then I walked her to her classroom door, and the teacher waved me into the room. She told the class to cover their eyes and asked Katy to write on the board. Katy wrote, "It is a girl." The teacher told the class to open their eyes and they all shouted: GIRL!!! One of the kids, who I don't know from Adam, said, "I KNEW it!!" Hilarious. Then Katy got to walk around and show the class her pictures. I was teary eyed in the back of the room. Also, "girl" was one of the class spelling words for the week. Not boy. God is in the details.

On the walk home, I got 2 semi-worried texts from Cindy and Melanie because I hadn't had a chance to send word yet that everything was ok. (I have been on that end many times before - knowing a friend has an appointment and waiting anxiously for the news! Sorry guys!).  So I started texting the news and calling grandparents and all of that fun part that comes with it. This, for me, is my favorite part of "finding out": getting to share the gender with everyone and revel in that part by itself for awhile. It was so fun to tell everyone - so many people were surprised and thrilled to hear that it was a girl. (I know that being surprised at the birth would also be amazing - they both have pros, is what I'm saying.)

So all of this has given me a renewed attitude and energy. I had been feeling somewhat down as the physical challenges of pregnancy were weighing on me (earlier and earlier with each pregnancy). But now I am so excited and I have a better attitude about hanging in there - even trying to enjoy it - for the next 20 weeks. I feel so blessed to be carrying this baby and to have had the chance to get a glimpse of her. HER!!! I still can't believe it.

We're enjoying a long weekend with a final pool visit, a football game with friends, and getting some errands done. I feel so fortunate this week.


Natalie said...

Congratulations, Emily!!! How exciting! I especially love the Holley Shiftwell name suggestion from David... SO funny! You have such a beautiful family and your 4 kiddos are so blessed to have you as their momma! Congrats again! :-)

Cindy said...

Love, love, love that you recorded all of this. I can't believe that someday Katy will tell her little sister about writing "it is a girl" on the chalkboard!!
I can't wait until January! Love to all of you.

Pam said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news for you all!! It's great that Katy will have a sister. I know we all do facebook etc. but this is where you'll come back to in later years to experience these moments again and I think the kids will love it.

bluedaisy said...

A GIRL!!! I love it! So excited that all is well and healthy with the baby and that you have so much positive support around you :)
I got a little teary-eyed when you talked about Katy telling her classmates. SO sweet.

Weed said...

Such fun!!! And I love David's suggestion for a name! (We considered Holly for a name, actually! It made the final three!)

Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats! So fun to have another girl! I'm getting more and more eager to find out what I'm having. I think more than that I just want to see the baby, because our first ultrasound won't be until 20 weeks. (Still seems so odd to me.) I like the idea of taking Katy. Sounds like it was fun. I'm thinking we might bring Z with us. We'll have to see. Yay! A girl!