Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goings On, Sept. edition

Well, so much to report and not a single picture to go with it.

We've been passing around a back-to-school bug, and out of the 6 people in this house (including Aunt Mel), I'm the only one who's been spared at this point *knock, knock*. Which I appreciate so that I can take care of everyone and because I'm already operating under par. But the kids have all had croup, starting with David and working around. Katy and David have both missed two days of school each, so we've been having sick days at home, pulling out lots of games and puzzles and crafts that we haven't done since last winter. That all sounds quite lovely, but in reality everyone is really cranky and there is lots of fighting and tears. With good moments tossed in for good measure.

All the sudden, I keep noticing this quiet that is "where's Katy?". So I go looking, and she's sitting somewhere with her nose in a chapter book. I just keep blinking because I can't believe my eyes - is she really....reading those? Understanding them? Choosing that as a recreational activity? If so, I am THRILLED beyond belief. But really? So I had her read a chapter aloud to me and as it turns out, for the most part, yes. She's not getting every word, but getting the gist. She went over to our neighbor's house who is in 3rd grade and borrowed a stack of Junie B. Jones books. I'm floored, and hoping that this continues. Reading has always been a struggle for me, even back in school - I wish I loved to do it, but I'm so slow, I fall asleep every time I sit down to read, and I have never fallen in love with it like so many people do. But I would love for my kids to love it.

Luke has developed a new routine at bedtime. I pull him into my lap to rock as usual, but he struggles to get down and says, "I wanna DANCE, Mommy!" Then he requests a song. Either Twinkle, ABC's, Jesus (loves me), Wiggles, or his latest favorite: La La. So I sing and he dances. He dances with such joy on his face until I stop singing, and then he picks the next song. It's pretty much the best part of my day.

For some crazy reason, we have had 3 different home improvement projects going on in the past 2 weeks. The timing on all of them was somewhat predetermined, and it all happened to fall together. I'm really excited to show you pictures when they are all finished, but all three of them are about 90% complete (which causes my blood pressure to be a little higher than normal - I like things to be AS THEY SHOULD BE.) But by the end of the week, everything should be done and we can enjoy them.

I'm feeling lots of baby movement these days which is so reassuring and exciting. I'm also having quite a bit of pain and discomfort, which is unfortunate. It feels more frequent than previous pregnancies, but I'm not sure if maybe my memory just isn't clear. I'm really trying to have a positive attitude and hang in there. One nice thing about this due date is that I have something I am really looking forward to in JANUARY. Bonus.

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