Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wrapping Up Summer

Yep, it's barely August, but our school district starts EARLY (August 15th), so I feel like we are already in summer closing mode. We had another squeeze-the-life-out-of-summer week. We've finished up our summer bucket list. All we have left is a big trip to visit family in PA. When we get back, it's all last minute stuff to get ready for 1st grade (and preschool a few weeks later).


Katy had a really good time at Girl Scout camp, and we both overcame some anxiety in the process. (I was most fearful of a big storm coming through while they were there with only a park shelter to stand under). But they cooked over a fire and went creeking and played games and made crafts and had a really good time. And I SO appreciate the hard work that my co-leader (and others) put into the week to make it happen for those girls. It wasn't easy, to say the least.


Over the weekend, my Dad and Sue watched the kids so Brian and I could attend a wedding. They got a groupon to take the kids to a very cool place called Entertrainment Junction. It's a train museum that is aimed at children. The kids had a blast (tons and tons of model trains, a train-themed play area, outdoor train ride, etc), and the best part was that Brian and I dropped them all off and went to IKEA for 3 hours. We only spent $24 on random little things, but it was just really fun to wander around aimlessly. I don't have pictures from the train place, but maybe I'll get some posted when Sue sends them.


When I was growing up, a family lived next door to us with a son and a daughter who were a few years younger than I. When I was in elementary school, Ronna (the mom) kept me in the summers, and when my sister was born she watched her for a season. Once I was old enough, I watched their kids after school. The path between our houses was well worn, and I have such warm memories of my times with them. They always treated Melanie and I like we were one of their children. And also, they are GOOFY. So many fun times and laughs at their house.

So their daughter Miranda got married this weekend. Both of our families moved out of the old neighborhood when I was in college, so I have only seen them at weddings, showers, and graduations since then. I was so glad that we were able to attend, and it seems like Miranda has found a great partner for life. I laughed so much during the reception, because this family knows how to have a good time, and there were so many funny and entertaining parts.

Ronna is a faithful blog reader (hi, Ronna!), and she and my mom share a goofy vibe. (The bridal party were all wearing these flashing glasses during their choreographed introductions)

Me and the beautiful bride - her smile lit up the church!

When we got back from that little jaunt, we had a family outing to ride go-carts. The kids have been earning cotton balls in a jar for keeping their toys picked up (if the floor is clean at bedtime, they each get one), and they finally filled the jar, so they picked their reward. We picked this place that was farther away because it said that it had "rookie" go karts that our (shortie) kids were tall enough to drive. But as it turned out, I could walk faster than the rookie carts moved (not even an exaggeration).

David still like them.

So after that let-down, I asked the guy if they were tall enough to be passengers in the faster karts. And sure enough, they barely made the cut. Daddy and Aunt Mel took the opportunity for a race (declared it a tie).

Listen to the rules, folks.

Brian said David talked the entire time, but he couldn't hear a word he said. I'd pay cash money to be able to hear it.

Cautious Aunt Mel...said she was hitting the brakes on turns!


Finally, I took the big kids to the skating rink to meet some friends. There's a really cheap (and sketchy) rink that has $1 family night. Katy has been loving skating since she got rollerblades for her birthday. They usually allow scooters on the rink, but it was too crowded that night, which was unfortunate for David, who thought the skating was too fast.

He sat with mom for most of the night. Eventually he went out with me (I was in regular shoes, of course) and did 2.5 laps.

Katy loved it and never wanted to leave. She insisted on all this safety gear.

We've had a good summer. And even though the school year is approaching more quickly than I thought, we'll be ready for it. We've had lots of fun and lots of down time and the structure will be nice in a couple of weeks.

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