Monday, August 13, 2012

Tour of Pennsylvania

(I realize that these summer posts tend to be a bit scrapbook-like, so if that's not what you're into - my apologies. For those who are interested, here we go...)

We're back from Pennsylvania - we got lots of quality time with lots of family and had a really great time. We were spoiled everywhere we went. While we were in Pittsburgh, Brian and I even got to have an overnight away - our first night away from the kids in 3 years! We saw Spiderman in 3D and ate 2 meals out and stayed in a nice hotel and did some leisurely shopping. Divine.

First stop: Oma and Opa's house!

My mom and I were going to get a pedicure and Katy wiggled her way into the car with us.

She wears blue sparkles better than I ever could.

Oma gave lots of piano lessons - Katy learned a duet and David can played Twinkle Twinkle! Slowly and deliberately, but still. So proud of himself!

The boys discovered that Oma's steep driveway is great for launching vehicles.

They also have some great trees for little climbers.

Nice and low to the ground.

Katy loves the butterfly bush.

Next, a quick visit with an old friend:

En route to Philly, we stopped at a park to meet up with one of my college roommates, Dawn. She had her first kiddo, Logan, the same week that Luke was born. It was so fun to meet him and compare notes. There's always something special about having a friend with a child the same age as yours. 

Isn't he the cutest? Check out those curls!! He and Luke were cautious friends, as is the case with all 2 year olds.

Our final stop: Cousins' house in Philly!

Because of the distance, we don't make it to their place every year, but it is well worth the trip for lots of cousin time and casual hang time with Mark and Kelly.

Cheering for Kimmy at her soccer game. (He scraped his nose at Oma's house).

Practicing blowing bubbles.

David and Carrie gettin' giddy.

Leah shows David around the neighborhood bounce place.

Uncle Mark, always the good sport, gets Luke down the slides.

We went to a 4H fair, and I didn't get decent pictures to do it justice. But the kids got a kick out of this pig getting a bath.

Carrie and Katy were cover-up twins. Usually this is because we get their hand-me-downs, but this one was a coincidence.

At the city pool, this sister team is preparing for synchronized diving in the next Olympics.

Kimmy was such a great cousin, especially with the boys. She looked after them and took them outside, made sure they stayed safe, entertained them, and they adored her. She did it all with a smile on her face - she'd be a great babysitter!

We love these kiddos! I wish we could see them more often, but that just makes it all the more sweeter when we get an extended time like this. Miss you guys!

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