Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Developments for this week

In addition to Luke's birthday, we've had some changes around here this week. Most significantly, we welcomed a new roommate to our home: Aunt Mel! My sister recently got a job close to our house (it's at our church, actually), and asked if she could live with us for awhile to save up some money and be closer to work. So thanks to the decluttering project, it wasn't much effort to clean out the guest room for her and give her some shelves in a few cabinets. It will be great to have her around, the kids love having her here, and she's even mentioned providing some much needed date nights for Brian and I in return. So we are excited that she's here.

Next, after assuming for 3 days that David's fever was a virus, I finally took him in and discovered strep throat. The poor kid, he really wasn't complaining that much. I'm thankful that so far no one else has come down with it. But it has kept us home more for the past week.

Finally, our wonderful neighbors Mike and Sarah are moving this week. They are the family on our street with whom we borrow eggs, go trick-or-treating together, exchange child care, and cook hot dogs over the fire in our backyards. They have been great friends and we will miss them dearly. They also have kids who play really well with my kids, and their girls can be found skating around the court with Katy fairly often these days. They are only moving a few miles away, but that seems like a great distance when you live on the same street.

We will miss you, but hope you love your new home!

This is the second set of good friends to move our of our neighborhood in recent months. I swear, it's not that bad here! :) It's hard and sad to watch good people move away. Here's hoping that more good people move in.

This is hard to replace, though.

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Weed said...

Oh, I am so with you on missing good neighbors and hoping for new ones. :( Our neighbor's for sale sign just went up this morning and it makes me so sad.