Monday, May 21, 2012


Dear Katy,

Your birthday letter is coming a little late, because we've been so busy celebrating and wrapping up the school year (and soccer and girl scouts) that it's been tough to do much else. But I at least wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed this past year as your mom.

Free Raising Cane's for a hole-in-one(ish) on your birthday

You have grown up SO much this year. Part of it is going to school everyday, but part of it is just you. I love the relationship that we have - we can tease each other, laugh at inside jokes, and sincerely enjoy shopping together.  You ask some really good questions and we talk about things that are hard to understand. You are really very helpful to me in daily life with your brothers - if I ask you to do something for one of them, you jump up and do it.

Using your new jump rope. All we could remember was "Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella..." What are the other ones?

Teachers tend to love you. Learning in a structured environment is a strength of yours, so you do well and you help others. You are happy and obedient at school. In fact, you are TERRIFIED of doing something out of line, not because you are afraid of the punishment itself, but because it just wouldn't be RIGHT. My only concern for you in this area is that you keep a sense of humility. It would be too easy for you to become prideful because of your success at school. So we talk about that a lot.

You wanted a cookie cake, and I am not exaggerating, I almost burnt down the house making this cake. It WAY overspilled out of the pan, filled the house with smoke, and three days later, I can still smell it. But it tasted great.

(double click to enlarge photo)
The list you made for activities at your party. It says: "1. Nature Hunt 2. Introduce 3. Scratch paper  4. Sing Happy Birthday  5. Snacks and cake  6. Presents  7. Water games  8. Dry off  9. Go home." Later you told me you forgot "10. Goodie bags"

One way in which you are very different from me is your determination to try new things and to get it right all by yourself. We gave you roller blades for your birthday, and you are making very slow laps around the cul de sac, determined to skate as well as Benji in your class. That's the other thing: you are fiercely competitive. When I was talking to you about remembering to say "thank you" for your gifts at your birthday party, I knew what I had to do to make it stick. I said, "Remember what a nice job Rachel did at her party, looking at the person in the eyes, using their name and saying 'thank you'?" Well, not to be outdone by Rachel, you followed the script perfectly.

You insisted on getting these huge straws for your party, even though I warned you they'd be logistically difficult.

One excited hostess.
We made a last minute switch to a water paper and it was a huge success.

You have loved soccer this year, and it has been fun to watch. The other parents call you, "Small But Mighty." You aren't the strongest player, but you are trying SO hard.

I can't wait to see what age 6 will bring. First grade will seem like a big transition. I am hoping to see you grow in your friendships with other kids. You are hoping to reach 40 pounds and get out of your 5 pt. harness in the car. (I'm so sorry, sweetheart! I know that makes you angry and "feels like a baby," but it's really the safest until you're a little bigger.) 

You're getting bigger every day.

Love, Mommy


Weed said...

Happy Birthday, Katy! Rachel's so sad that she had to miss your party. (And Emily, that's hilarious that you used Rachel as competition to get her to say thank you correctly!)

bluedaisy said...

Happy Birthday Katy! I have a feeling that life is about to get even more interesting for us as moms of six year olds ;)

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to Katy! Hopefully we can see you guys in the next few days, now that jack isn't contagious!