Wednesday, May 09, 2012

In other news

*We have BUTTERFLIES!! One of them emerged while Katy was at school one afternoon, and the other one we got to watch while it came out, we even got it on video. Very, very cool. So far we've been feeding them orange slices and letting them out in the bathroom to fly around. I've been trying to convince Katy to let them go, but she's having so much fun watching them.

*David's last day of preschool is Thursday!! This school year has flown by, I think partially because it's been such a good one. I have truly loved our schedule and routine, the kids have both been happy at school, and things have just gone smoothly. I'm sad to see it ending, but I also know we will enjoy summer break.  And next school year will bring new adventures - full day for Katy and three mornings a week for David. Luke and I will get some bonding time!

*We went to the library this morning and happened upon a storytime. We have gone much in the past year because a) we had enough other stuff on our schedule and b) Luke is too wild. Well Luke was so stinkin' hilarious. He sat up front with Katy and tried so hard to copy her hand motions and dance moves for the songs. He wasn't keen on sitting for the story part, but I think if we went to one aimed for toddlers, he'd be fine. I'm looking forward to doing that stuff with him by himself in the fall.

*Katy's birthday buddy and good friend Brooklyn took her on a birthday outing to Build-a-Bear workshop. (So this was to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday, instead of a party.)  Katy had the absolute best time. And Stephanie said they were so sweet and mature and kind and cooperative that you wouldn't believe they used to make each other cry on a weekly basis when they were 3. Back when we lived on the same street and saw each other often, we wondered if they were fighting like siblings because WOW. But now look at them! Almost six! And they are real friends. It warms my heart. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

*Last week I watched a video that we have of David when he is exactly the same age that Luke is now. First of all: MELT. Secondly, it made me realize how much Luke is NOT talking. I'm not worried about it, from a long term perspective. He has words and he will learn to use them. But I had forgotten how some almost-2-year-olds are using full sentences to communicate their needs. We're not there yet, and it definitely plays into his frustration, and therefore tantrums. But just so you don't think it's all tantrums from him - here's a video of Luke's own sweetness. He thinks this car is "silly."

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