Monday, October 10, 2011

What's Going On

*Katy's last soccer game is tonight, and life will feel significantly less busy (I think).

*After a brief cold spell, the weather here has been amazing for a week. I feel like we are on borrowed time.

*Luke has learned to say "NO!". Not "no" but "NO!". He's emphatic, and responds this way to every question you ask him, good or bad. ("Do you want to go to bed?" "NO!" "Do you want a cookie?" "NO!") He also shouts it at his siblings if they get too close to him or take something that he wants to play with. He has started throwing what I would call mild tantrums. If I try to get him to go in a direction that he doesn't want to, he goes limp, throws himself on the floor, and cries. After being my easiest baby, I'm wondering if he is going to make up for it in the toddler years.

*I hope I'm not crazy, but it appears that I am co-leading a Girl Scout troop for kindergarten at Katy's school. The good news is that my friend Wendy is co-leading with me, and as I watched the orientation video, I got really excited about all the fun we will have with the girls. I really think it is a great program, from which I have many fond memories.

*I'm wondering if this is a fall thing - but between Katy and David we will manage this month: 2 field trips, 2 class parties, 2 picture days, and a fundraiser.  And of course they're all on different days. I called a babysitter with a list of dates, but she wasn't able to help much, so I'm trying to choose what to do. It's hard when I'd like to help with everything. I know this will only get busier as the years go on.

*Brian's running a half-marathon this weekend.  I'm proud of him - he's been exercising very consistently for a solid year now. Neither of us have been able to keep up with it long-term since we got married/pregnant, so I'm glad he's got a groove going. If only I could get my own groove...

*This is random, but my kids were watching Backyardigans this morning and I laughed out loud at this song. (I also love Alisha Keys, so maybe her voice played a part in that as well). So I guess I have the sense of humor of a 4 year old?

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bluedaisy said...

I need to find my own groove too! You have lots going on my friend!! The girl scout troop sounds great, especially since you know the co-leader. Can't wait to hear about that adventure :)