Friday, September 02, 2011


So much is changing around here!

*David went from barely pedaling a trike to riding a bike with training wheels half a mile around the neighborhood! He is SO proud of himself.

*Luke is walking around everywhere, still with his hands up in the air. He falls quite often, but catches himself, stands back up and keeps going. He's seeming like a full blown toddler, it's incredible. (video to come)

*One week into kindergarten, things are going well. Katy seems to like it - she gets really excited about "specials" like music and computer lab. She has made one new friend in particular from the neighborhood that she talks about quite a bit. I think she is disappointed that there aren't as many toys and crafts in kindergarten as there were in preschool, but she still enjoys all the work they are doing.

*After months of being well, we've already had a mini-round of sickness. After only 3 days of kindergarten, Katy had a fever and head/neck ache that put her on her back for a couple of days and already ruined that perfect attendance record she was hoping for (I'm not even kidding). Brian was down for a day, too, and is gradually recovering.

*The PM kindergarten schedule is an adjustment for sure. Pro: if the stars align, I walk Katy to school, come immediately home and put both boys to bed and have 2 hours to myself. It's been over a year since I had any time with all the kids asleep, so that part is great (though numbered). Con: In this very same perfect scenario, I often end up waking one of the boys to go get her, which I hate doing. And it makes for drowsy and grumpy boys. The alternative is to make Luke take two shorter naps before and after K, but then he's awake while she's at school and I'm back to square one. I'm wishing I had a neighbor that I could hand the monitor to so I could run and get her without waking the boys. We'll see if something materializes.

*Brian is training for another half marathon, is within a few pounds of his lowest adult weight, got nomiated for a college-wide award at work, and still manages to upkeep two older homes and a side business. There isn't a lazy bone in the man, I'm telling you.

*Ever since Luke was born and I quit my part time job, things have been tighter and tighter. Every month we're cutting a new corner and we were starting to think about whether I should look for evening work or find another way to earn some income. But we just finished a refinancing of both our properties that is going to help SO much. I can't believe what a relief this is. I was starting to get nervous every time I started one of our 10 year old vehicles because I didn't know how we'd come up with another one if it died. (as I've said before, please no jinxing).

*We started out teaching David to do all his pottying sitting down. It was neater and he was more comfortable that way. Then somewhere along the way, I forgot this wasn't normal until someone at church commented that they tried to stand him at the potty and he looked confused. So I told Brian that his task before preschool starts is to teach him to pee standing up. It took 5 minutes and he's hooked. Let the battle of the toilet seats begin.

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Pam said...

You guys have been busy! Sorry you got sick though. First cool day of the year and Danny had a runny nose this morning. I'm so sad the summer is over!