Saturday, May 07, 2011

We did it! And thank you!

Kate, sister Mel, me, and Christen (aka My Recruits)
I am happy to report that we walked 10 miles, and it did not rain! It's a miracle! The walk was great. It was good to support the cause and learn a little more about it and how we can help. The biggest thing that I learned today was that the problem isn't just overseas. It's here. In Ohio. In fact, Ohio is one of the states that is most heavily trafficked. Again, hard to understand.

But this wonderful team of ladies helped do a little something about it. The money that YOU lovely people donated will be used to help build a full time shelter for some of these kids in Cambodia and literally get them off the street. It feels great to contribute to something that will make such a significant impact on young lives.

So here I am, exhausted on the evening before Mother's Day, but thankful. And blessed. I hope you feel the same way.


Oma said...

Good job, girls! Thanks for stepping out for such a wonderful cause. Human Trafficking in all forms is modern-day slavery. (And you thought it was abolished.)

What's on the shirt? HUH?

Emily said...

It's a traffic jam - lots of cars packed together on a road? Kinda hard to tell from this picture, which someone took with my cell phone.

Kelsey said...

It's really cool that you did this Em!