Thursday, May 19, 2011

Half a Decade

Dearest Katy,

There is something significant about turning five, it seems. Like crossing a bridge from "little kid" into "big kid" or something. Which is hard for me to grasp, because you are physically so little, that I don't think of you as being a big kid at all, until you say something mature and I am reminded that you are growing up.

I am really enjoying being your mom right now. We have some very interesting conversations (you ask LOTS of questions, really good ones), play games that I enjoy as well (Uno, Skip Bo), and we share a bond over being the only girls in the household. You help me with your brothers quite a bit, which I hope doesn't become a burden for you. For now you seem to enjoy helping, especially in the kitchen, and you have a curiosity about cooking that I do not possess. Recently you asked me if I knew how to make Cheez-Its at home. The thought has never crossed my mind.

You love crafts, which was the theme for your birthday gifts this year. Perler beads are your favorite, and there is a continuous string of them waiting on the kitchen counter for me to iron. You're also into books on CD, especially ones that chime to remind you to turn the page. I just started reading a chapter book to you, the Mouse and the Motorcycle, as recommended by Kelsey.

You're determined and competitive, and we're figuring that out together. You're working on learn-to-read books and a basic piano primer with the keyboard that Oma gave you. You just asked me how old I was when I got my ears pierced and I cringed (and resisted lying) when I told you I was 4 (my mom was there and she cringed, too. Thanks, Mom! :) You want to do things like a big girl. NOW.

You love your brothers more than I could have imagined possible. You and David and roomies and best buds. I know you won't share a room forever, but I wouldn't even consider separating you right now because you both love it so much. You bicker like crazy sometimes, but then when he comes to your preschool classroom you literally take him under your wing and guide him sweetly through the room. And oh, how you adore your baby Luke! He can do no wrong in your eyes, and you light up at the sight of him. You get so excited at each milestone that he achieves, and at any given moment you can tell strangers how many teeth he has and which sounds he can babble.

But I still cherish the moments when I realize your innocence. I overheard you telling David, "It's okay to call someone a 'baby' in a nice way. Like Mommy calls me her 'Baby Girl.' I like that."

This coming year promises to be a big one, but for now I'm looking forward to sharing the summer together. You are counting down until the days of zoo, pool, day camps, and visiting family. You've grown and matured so much this year, I can only imagine what you will be like as a 6 year old!

Happy birthday, Baby Girl!

Mom (as you said recently, "I like calling you 'Mom.' I think it's a cute form of 'Mommy.'")


bluedaisy said...

Love, love, love the shot of Katy and David holding hands...precious! I understand your feelings so well- my Michael turning 5 is just around the corner...I'm glad we can experience Kindergarten together this fall, thanks to this lovely blog world :) I am also going to cherish this summer so much. Happy FIVE to Katy :)

Oma said...

We love you, Katy-did! You are the best big sister on the planet. You remind us every day that there is hope for this messed-up world because you will figure it out!

Oma and Opa

Weed said...

Happy Birthday, Katy!!!

Kelsey said...

Ah - the "baby girl" quote from Katy is stuck right in my throat. Whoa.

Happy happy birthday to your sweet girl! I hope you both enjoy reading about Ralph. :-)