Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter. Spring Break. New Roof. Strep.

First, a few thousand pictures from our trip to Kentucky over Easter. We had a really good time, beautiful weather, and lots of fun Easter activity.

It's spring break, which hasn't affected my life in, say, 10 years, but strangely, I'm back on a school schedule. Katy has no preschool, no church activities, and most of the stuff that we do during the week is taking a break. So it feels like spring break. Weird.
And we're getting a new roof. And not just new shingles. New wood (they took it down to the rafters), new gutters, new vents, and an extension of the overhang. It has been craziness around here, with 4-10 workers on our house from dawn till dusk for the better part of the past three days. Yesterday the entire house was vibrating, a light fixture fell from the ceiling and there's a large crack in the bathroom wall from the banging. But it looks awesome, and I suspect it will prevent water from entering the house in inconvenient places. I'll post pictures when it's totally done.

I had tried to get out of dodge while all of this work was being done, but two of the out-of-town places I would've crashed were gone I said... Spring Break. So then I tried to plan day trips to the zoo and other adventurous locations just to get out of the house during the banging. But that didn't work either, because...
Katy got strep throat for the third time in a month. The pattern is pretty obvious: she finishes her antibiotics (she's on the third kind now), and about 48 hours later she starts acting (more) whiny and lethargic, I discover a fever and ask if her throat hurts. This time she tried to deny it because she has figured out that the throat culture isn't comfortable. But once again, it was positive. The pediatrician wants to see her for a follow-up after she finishes this treatment and may refer us to an ENT depending on how she's doing. I had strep a TON when I was little, and I hope she hasn't inherited a tendency from me. It can be brutal. Hopefully this round will kick it. She's much better already. Maybe we'll squeeze in one fun day at the end of this Break.


Pam said...

Looks like you had a great time and wow - great pictures Emily.
Sorry about the strep - hope she's ok now.

Erin said...

I love the photos. That first one of Katy really reminds me of a very similar photo my parents have of me as a child.

So sorry about the strep! It's awful. I hope they figure out something soon.