Tuesday, September 09, 2008

this and that

Katy and I have been reading some picture books about the beach, and the plot of each of them goes something like this: the kid wakes up in his own bed in the morning, packs a beach bag with a towel, shovel, and some snacks, drives to the beach, plays all day, and is home for a bath by nightfall.

Obviously the authors of these books don't live in the Midwest.

Those of us in Ohio, particularly those with small children, start preparing weeks and weeks ahead of time to make the 12 hour trek to the coast. Then we have to stay for a solid week to make it worth our while. But hopefully all of this prep will make the same kind of lasting memories for our landlocked kiddos.

So I'm in the middle of hoarding everything that we might need for a week at the beach in the guest room. Need a swimsuit or a bottle of sunscreen? Too bad! Not this week, it's already packed!

Also by some minor miracle, it appears that we might be squeezing our trip in between hurricanes. We are thankful for this, and certainly continue to pray for those affected by Ike in the gulf. It seems like they can't catch a break down there lately.

In other news, David is SO big. I can't believe how huge he seems to me. I feel like he is bigger every time I go to get him out of his crib. I'm wondering when this will slow down, because at this rate he'll pass up Katy in a few more months.

Katy is hilarious. She's already starting to make dramatic statements all the time with drawn out words. The other morning I came downstairs and she was eating breakfast with Brian. She saw me coming and said, "I loooooove Daddy, Mommy. He's sooooooo funny."

She's also soaking things up like crazy. She has a set of stamps that are each of the letters of the alphabet. The other day I told her to spell her name. We've spelled her name a hundred times in various forms, but I couldn't believe she came up with this: (she stamped them in the correct order, but did it right to left)

So we'll have our laptop with us on vacation and will apparently have wifi. So maybe I will have a chance to post some trip updates. I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories to share about my litte waterbug and my chunky monkey.


Erin said...

Oh the cuteness. It takes my breath away. Those chubby thighs! The pigtails! Ah!

I can't believe she can SPELL HER NAME. Wow. That is seriously impressive.

Have a great trip to the beach. I hope you get lots of quality family time. You guys deserve it.

Kate said...

We can hook you up with a few "Are we there yet" books, too. But I have a feeling you'll have your own live theater. Let me know if you need some DVDs or something. It makes the trip go faster.

Just this summer Colin had a good time unwrapping various presents that we took out every so often-- candy, a matchbox plane, a sheet of stickers, etc. It's all about what the Dollar Store has.

Hope you have a great trip!

Beth said...

Hope you guys have a great trip! We will miss you guys! Go Bucks. I think David and Katy keep getting cuter and cuter!

Anonymous said...

have a fun, relaxing vacation! Give me a call when you get back- I am finally back among the land of the living...


Kate said...

Emily-- you make me laugh! You don't know me yet-- but I am extremely hard to offend. Basically I'm a 5th grader stuck inside the large body of a 34 year-old woman. I wasn't even thinking... *smile* Glad you like the books. It's my job to make sure you leave with 50! (I'm your dealer). Have a great trip!! We'll see you when you get back and you can tell us all your fun stories and post adorable pictures.

bluedaisy said...

Katy is such a smart cookie :) Beautiful pictures- I especially love the one of Katy and David together. BTW, responding to a comment you made on my blog a while ago: Thanks for explaining more blog connections AND yes I did link to Mommin It Up via your blog. Hope you are having a great vacation!

Pam said...

Looks like you are having fun and I love the pictures.
Things here are DARK as you've probably heard, so enjoy those last days of vacation!