Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Facts about my 5 month old

I feel like David is changing and growing so much, but sometimes his sister's antics get more attention on this blog. So I wanted to get a snapshot of what David is like at 5 months (and one week) old (and by the way, that's how old Katy was when I started blogging):

**He seems to be getting ready to cut his first teeth. He's drooling constantly, soaking bibs in a matter of minutes, putting anything and everything in his mouth (toys, his fingers, others' fingers, his bib) and gnawing like crazy, and the past couple of days he's been congested without any other symptoms. The worst part about teething is that you never know for sure until those boogers pop through the skin. And it could take days, weeks, or months. Poor baby.

**He's very smiley, everyone comments on it when they see him. He also laughs, which is the best sound in the world.

**As for motor skills - he can roll onto his tummy really well, and he rolls onto his back about 1/10 attempts. He sits supported, either in the Bumbo or with someone holding onto him.

**We haven't started cereal yet, even though I purchased it yesterday at the store. I was in such a hurry to start it with Katy for some reason, so she did it right at 4 months. But this time I'm not optimistic that it will help his sleep, and I just don't see the hurry. It's really just one more thing to squeeze into the day. We'll start it soon.

**David is a Big Boy. I weighed and measured him at home today, and I am SHOCKED. If this is accurate, he weighs more than Katy did at ONE YEAR. He weighs 19 pounds and is 26 inches long. Other evidence to his looming figure: he's wearing 6-9 month clothing very comfortably (read: getting snug), and he and Katy are BOTH wearing size 3 diapers. Yes, my two children, 22 months apart, wear the same size diaper.

**He has gotten a lot better about spitting up. I used to have to change not only his outfit, but also my own outfit, about 2-3 times per day. Now we have some dribble here and there, but overall we aren't soaking outfits with spit up. (Now we've moved on to drool. You have to admit that's less offensive.)

**He loves to watch his sister. She is so entertaining. He smiles at her and watches her intently, even across the room. He also loves to be held. He'll be content on the floor or in the swing for a few minutes, but pretty soon, he's going to ask in his baby way, "Please pick me up! Now! Thank you!!"

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. I've got 2: the first is complete with smiles, sitting, and fussiness due to teething.

The second one was another one of those precious moments... David cracks up to his favorite comedienne, who tops off her act with a serious case of Nap Hair.


Beth said...

Man-those two are so cute! Great Videos!

Jen said...

Your kids are the cutest! I love watching them grow up through your blog.

Erin said...

He's a big boy, for sure, and also in the 99% for CUTE. Seriously. You guys should have more kids because DANG. They are adorable.

Calum was the same way (i.e., BIG). He weighed THIRTY POUNDS at one year. 30! He was somewhere around 22 lbs. at 6 months. Emmett is also big, but not so off-the-charts. I love me a chubby babe.

Oma Froehle said...

David is changing so fast . . . it is just miraculous! I think his hair is all the same color again, right? The dark, baby hair seems to be gone. The belly laughs are great!

bluedaisy said...

I just have to tell you that Michael was watching the video clip of David laughing at Katy jumping in her crib and he said, "We go to Katy's house and have fun"?