Wednesday, August 06, 2008 a mini-van...

So tomorrow we're leaving for a little excursion to Kentucky to visit with Brian's family. We're really looking forward to some time with them, including Katy's cousins who recently moved far away. We'll also get to SWIM, which is Katy's idea of heaven. We haven't been down there in a while due to a series of circumstances (one of which is named David), so we're looking forward to it. I'm not very worried about the car trip this time, because David's been doing better with that, but we'll get a couple of opportunities to see how we handle the 4 of us sleeping in one room. I've played out a number of scenarios in my head trying to predict how this is going to go, so we'll see which one plays out. It'll be good practice, though, because we've got some other trips coming up where we'll need to be able to do this. Hopefully David won't undo the progress we've made in the area of sleep in the last few weeks. We're really in a much MUCH better place than we were when I wrote this.

So I might be able to update the blog while I'm gone, but I thought I'd leave you with a couple of pics.

Last week we were playing at a local park that had a large wooden castle-like structure in which I couldn't always maintain a visual on Katy. At one point she came out whining and holding her bum like she had fallen, so I asked, "are you ok?", looked for blood, and sent her on her way. It wasn't until later that I discovered this:

I'm not sure how well you can see this, but there's about a 6 inch tear down the back of her pants. I'm assuming a protruding screw was to blame, but I will never know. When I told Brian, he asked, "Did you check to make sure there isn't a tear in her bottom?" Thank goodness for thick diapers.

And now...for those of you who know my husband, I present Mini-Brian:

Finally, the other day I was noticing Katy's shaggy dog look and announced that I was going to trim her bangs. Brian warned me: "The last time you did that, you hated it and it drove you crazy until you took her to the salon to fix it." But I decided to give it One More Try. Silly me. Forty-eight hours later I was at the kiddie salon begging them to clean it up. I'm serious this time: I'm NOT going to try to cut her hair again. So here's Katy's new 'do:


Blogging question: Ever since I changed the name of this blog, it still shows up in Google Reader and in my IE Favorites pull-down as "Katydid." Anyone know what I need to do to change this?


Beth said...

Have fun on your trip! David really does look like his daddy :)

Erin said...

"And now...for those of you who know my husband, I present Mini-Brian" HAHAHA! I do not know your husband (but I feel like I do!) and that is danged FUNNY.

LOVE your Katy's curls! Ooooh, must get me a baby GIRL.

I don't know how to fix the e-problem you mentioned, but if it helps, your blog comes up as "Life with David and Katy" at the title tab on my browser.

Oma Froehle said...

Maybe you should have named Katy after the hurricane and called her Katrina after all! It would be interesting to know what actually happened to tear her pants . . . .

I always wonder what Brian would look like with a bib. :-) Not bad! :-)

Kate said...

Em- Have a great trip. Thanks for the trip to Applebees on Monday. The past two days have gone so much smoother becase I haven't been stressing. Thank you sooo (thats 3 o's) much for the swaddling blankets. Three good naps, one great night of sleep. Next time the triple chocolate melt down is on me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - that IS a mini-Brian! He's so cute! Haven't read the blog in a while, but am so glad I did tonight! Sorry we missed the pool party on Sat. Hope it was a blast.