Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loving November

I've never realized it before, but I think I love November. It feels like fall activities wrap up and things slow down considerably, perhaps in anticipation of the busy season that December brings. And in past years, I've used the extra time to do daily blog posts. But this year I was so thankful for an extra breath that I just took the chance to breathe without adding an extra thing (although I'm loving Kelsey and Pam's daily posts!). We're doing things like cleaning out the garage, cleaning out the cars, getting haircuts, putting things away for the winter, stock-up shopping trips, etc. Brian and I have even gotten out TWICE in the past 2 weeks - once for his birthday and once because we got free tickets to a Blue Jackets game (professional hockey). And I got together with 2 dearest girlfriends that I haven't seen in way too long to discuss new houses and upcoming weddings and kids and all the blessings bestowed upon us.  It's been a banner week.

My mom has started teaching Katy piano (more formally). I love this picture, because my mom is in her element in front of the piano. Growing up, my house was often filled with that sound - I would love it if one of my kids loved to play.

After being a completely petless family for such a long time, Katy begged and begged if she could get a Beta fish with her own money. Sasquatch. She got the name from a kids TV show, having no idea about Big Foot, and she doesn't understand why everyone laughs when she tells them the name. She says she's going to get him a plant for Christmas.

Dear Lord, please have mercy on us. Luke is in a big boy bed. He had been sleeping poorly for a few weeks in his crib, and while Brian was cleaning out the garage attic, he found this toddler bed that a neighbor gave us awhile ago. So we jumped in - you've got to sometime, right? He's doing ok - it takes a few tries to get him to stay in bed long enough to fall asleep, but then he sleeps fine all night. Nap time is a disaster, and he might be giving it up. I'm trying to get him to have a quiet time, but "quiet" and "awake" are two terms that don't exist for this child. But the BEST part is the he is SO proud of himself every time he gets out of bed "when his letters match." (We draw the number "7" on a card and use it to cover up the minutes on the digital clock, then when the hour matches 7, he can come out.) He come out and squeals, "Good morning! My letters match!" He's woken up a few siblings here and there with this display, so we're working on a more quiet celebration.

Following in Daddy's footsteps, I hope - the kids did their first Fun Run - half a mile! They practiced a few times and were really excited the morning of the race.

Katy crossed the finish line first (first of our children, not overall), very proud.

Do you think this boy is determined? Look at that stride!

Everyone was laughing as Luke crossed. He was doing that little toddler run where he barely picks up his feet, Oma was walking behind him to make sure he didn't disappear off the course. He didn't even understand where the finish line was (tried to run over to me), but he had this huge smile because everyone was clapping and he figured out where to cross.

Our friend Adrienne has gotten really fast in her races lately, so she and Brian decided to race each other in the 5K. Brian's competitive spirit wouldn't let her beat him and he came sprinting down the stretch ahead of her.

JT and Brian and the brood - little Miss Emma was an absolute angel during the entire race - sat in her stroller with a graham cracker and didn't make a sound.


Weed said...

So glad you're getting a chance to breathe! I'm jealous that Katy's getting piano lessons. I wish I had a teacher for Rachel. I've given her a couple of lessons, but I just don't think it will work. Did your mom teach you growing up? And how do you keep the other kids away when it's time for a lesson/time for her to practice? Those are my biggest stumbling blocks.

Emily said...

Yeah, having my mom in town is the only way we are making this work, because we wouldn't be able to afford lessons (although she said that if she hadn't moved to town she might help to pay for them because she values it so highly). My mom paid for me to take lessons with someone else when I was a kid - I think maybe she just thought it would be hard to teach me herself. I only stayed in them for a couple of years so I am nowhere near qualified to teach my kids. And this picture at my house is an exception - she typically picks Katy up and takes her to her house for a lesson, which is clutch, because it's hard to keep the other kids out of her hair. But Katy practices a few minutes every day, and the other kids have just learned that they have to leave her alone while she is practicing. After the first week or so, the novelty wore off and they stopped bothering her and just go about their business while she's practicing. But it would still be hard to teach with all the noise in the background. I feel very fortunate, because it was one of those things that I would love for her to have but didn't think it was feasible.

cindy said...

love all the updates and pictures, Em. thanks for the Amelia shout out in Oct. love all of you.