Wednesday, October 02, 2013

An Edit

So in that last post I made a comment about David's soccer team not being very good and always getting creamed. But this week we've been playing a lot of soccer in the yard just for fun when we've been outside, and I feel like I've noticed some "clicks" going on in his head.

Well just a couple of hours after I posted that, David had a game and something seemed to click for him and his whole team. They were fairly evenly matched and David made not one. Not two. THREE GOALS!!! And his team ended up winning! (Again, they don't officially keep score, but usually the difference in the number of goals is enough that you can tell who would have "won.") He was on cloud nine. And for the rest of the evening, he kept saying over and over, "My team WON! We WON. My team WON, Mom!" and never even mentioned being proud of himself for his three goals. I'm proud of my little athlete tonight. He plays his heart out.


Weed said...

Way to go, David!!

Grammy said...

Following in the footsteps of Dad and Uncle Mark!

Grandpa said...

Three Goals and a team win.

That is my grandson!!!!!!!

Proud Grandpa