Monday, May 20, 2013

May is the new December

I keep thinking that we're just really busy right now, and it will lighten up soon. But then I had a thought the other day: what if this is just how it is with 4 kids? What if this is the new normal?

I've been saving any extended computer time lately for finishing my OT coursework. I finished (!) and actually learned quite a bit of interesting stuff. I do enjoy the information. Moving of Mother's Day weekend - my mom and Greg are all moved in with their belongings and Greg is an Ohio resident too. Still lots of unpacking and finishing work being done, but things are settling down. Also...Melanie is planning to move out in a few weeks and move in with 2 close friends of hers. She'll be about 13 minutes away. We will miss her terribly, both for her company and for her assistance around this house. 

Let's about just a photo dump...

I attended a zoo fieldtrip with Katy's entire first grade. We were assigned to groups and Katy had 2 of her best little buddies in her group, so she had a blast. I really must get around to asking permission to post photos from all these new school friends because it really limits what I can post these days.

Brian ran the Cap City half marathon with his friend Brandon. He and his wife Melanie came to visit the weekend of the race and it was great to catch up with them. We just barely missed seeing them cross the finish line (it's so much harder than you think it is to navigate downtown around the race pushing/dragging 4 kids), but there was a great after-party down there. (And Brian went home and shaved afterward. He knows that made me very happy. :)

David "graduated" from preschool. He really had fantastic teachers this year and had a very positive preschool experience. It was sad for me, not only because it's the end of that era for him, but also because I don't think we're going back to that preschool for logistical reasons. And the staff there have loved on my 2 older kids for 4 years, so we will miss it.

Such a great dad, my husband.

The kids love this statue of Jesus on the preschool grounds. I always feel a little disrespectful letting them climb on Jesus like that, but ironically, that's exactly the point of the story (and the statue), right? Let the little children come to me, He said.  

This is my favorite thing to receive on Mother's Day.  A few of the best ones are: "My mom makes the best...brown beof strognof."{ground beef stroganof} "My mom's favorite TV show is...weel of forche." {Wheel of Fortune. Not really.} "My mom's favorite store is...Oldi." {Aldi. The girl knows me.} "My mom always...loves me."

Our Girl Scout troop had its' end-of-year party at Build-a-Bear. They got a bear with a Brownie uniform! Matching troop number and everything! My co-leader Wendy and I about choked on the pricetag, but they loved it and they sold so many cookies that we could afford it.

Anna is 4 months old! She is such a happy girl...lots and lots of smiles.

I'm glad that I have this "before" picture of the red rash all over her face (which was also all over her body). The dr. gave us his "magic creme" and it was gone in 24 hours. I couldn't believe it! And I'm so excited that when I nuzzle her little cheek, it's soft and smooth again instead of scaly and rough.

For Katy's birthday, instead of a friend party, I told her that she could invite a couple of friends to go and do something fun. She chose the butterfly exhibit at the conservatory, and we got ice cream afterward. The girls had a blast - and Katy was THRILLED when this first butterfly was willing to climb onto her finger. She kept gasping - it was so fun.

Anna looks huge here, but she's not! At 4 month check, she weighed 12 pounds, 13 ounces (20%'ile), and was 25" (70%'ile).

This little leaf blower is so easy to use, Brian literally gives it to Luke as his "job" to clear the driveway. He runs around with it like it's a very important job.

Seven years old! How did this happen?!?!

Her request: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob (she was born on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon Line). And for her cake: chocolate with chocolate icing, "no characters." I wonder if she has realized that when you get a character cake, the icing is always white that has been colored, and it doesn't taste as good as straight up chocolate.
It's been several years since all 6 grandparents were in the same place at the same time, but the stars aligned this year for Katy's birthday. We had a nice time celebrating together and of course, had to capture a photo.

And one with each set of grandparents with the FOUR kids. Grammy and Papa John...

Grandpa and Grandma Sue...

And our new (almost) neighbors...Oma and Opa.

We are so fortunate to have so much loving family around. And to have so much life going on. It really is a good thing. Maybe June will be a little more relaxing?

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Pam said...

Loved this post and all the pictures!! Really loved that your hobby is working on the computer too! lol. The kids all look great Emily :)