Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tidbits: 2 weeks of winter edition

We've finally had a couple of weeks of winter-ish weather (but not even really), but it feels so tolerable because March is already in sight! Amazing! My brain only seems to be working in bullet points these days.

Begging to play in the snow despite 15 degrees

*After my most recent once-a-month cooking session, I discovered that my meals in the basement fridgetop freezer were not freezing. So the excitement of the week was buying a new (small) upright freezer. For once we didn't research the heck out of it or search craigslist for weeks, I just saw what I wanted at Sears and bought it. My entrees! Must be frozen!

*While I was looking at this freezer at Sears with my friend Stephanie and her girls - our two 3 year olds decided to hide from us (the 5 year olds had suggested the game to them). It was FIVE MINUTES of panic, paging the manager, screaming at the top of our lungs type of situation. When I found them, they were SO FAR AWAY - oh, I can't express to you how inappropriately far away they were. It makes my heart race every time I think about it. They came bouncing out, like, "what's all the screaming about?"

*Katy and David both had Valentine's Day parties this week at school, which they greatly anticipate. Katy picked Animal Planet cards (with animal facts, she's been really into animal facts lately), and David picked Hot Wheels. Both with suckers. I tried to convince them toward pencils or tattoos, but who am I kidding?

I wrote little dots for him to trace his name. He might be able to write it on his own once, but not 15 times.
*Grammy and Papa John sent a Valentine's Day package with fun little goodies for us all. I laughed out loud when I saw this:

If you don't listen to country music (or watch Glee), nevermind...

*We seem to have our first round of illness for the winter this week. I can't complain so far, though, it's just been drops for pink eye and some coughing. The worst part is waking up in the wee hours of the morning wheezing - so I'm wondering if it's croup? Keeping an eye on it...

*I had my first parent-teacher conference for David. There are a few skills that he is still learning, but I'm not worried about that at all, he will get those. My biggest concern that I discussed with the teachers is that he is so impressionable. They said that he is only rowdy when other kids are rowdy, and he's only distracted when others are distracted, etc. The great news is that he is very easily redirected and he's respectful and sweet and kind and the teachers love him. He plays well with the other kids and is always happy at school. What else could I ask for, really, at preschool? That is the biggest part of the battle.

*We went to visit my grandparents last weekend and it was so great to see them moving about. 2011 was a rough year for them medically, but they seem to be back into the swing of things. Oh, and their chair lift makes for perfect entertainment for great-grandchildren.

We had to give the chair a break to let the battery re-charge at one point.

*I can't end the post without mentioning Luke. He's as feisty as ever. I don't think I have ever truly experienced a tantrum with my first two. I realize that now that I've had Luke. The other day he was upset that Brian left for work in the morning, and he cried and screamed for 22 minutes, clinging to the door, shoes in his hand. He LOVES to go places and play outside. He rode his push bike half a mile this afternoon. He has lots and lots of energy.

Can you see why it's tough to get a picture of him? He's either on my hip or I'm keeping him from injury!


Weed said...

Ohhhhhh, I feel your pain with the feisty toddler! Hang in there. We'll get through this.

Maureen said...

Molly has been throwing me for a loop with her fits lately. I never even had to put Megan in time out so this is all new for us.