Monday, December 12, 2011

Tidbits: December edition

**I'm really enjoying our December. I'm not stressed or overwhelmed, we're doing many of our usual traditions and trying a few new ones. The kids are having a blast. And we're just chugging along, comfortable in our routine.

**Although there was one week in which Luke was taking only one 30-minute nap during the day, and then waking up 3-4 times per night screaming bloody murder. And this is the kid who requires your UTMOST attention while he is awake. So we were tired that week. But he's better.

**We've had such a lovely warm fall that I've been in serious denial that it's going to get cold. Just in the past week have we pulled out hats and mittens, started driving to school some days, and cleaned out the garage to get the van inside. I figure if we deny it long enough, eventually it will be spring, no?

**I'm about three-quarters done with The Shopping. And I don't even want to rush to finish it because I love it so. But even when it's done...I look forward to January, when all the clearance sales hit. We have some fun shopping in January.

**We saw our usual Santa (and Mrs. Claus) last week, and the kids made their polite requests (David: "a racing car" and Katy: "an Ariel Barbie.") A couple of days later, Katy's school had a winter festival in the evening and Santa was there. They sat on his lap again and David repeated his request and Katy said she didn't know what she wanted. We asked her afterward, why didn't you tell Santa what you wanted? She said, "That was a different Santa, and I don't want them both to bring me the same thing. It takes a lot of Santas to visit all the kids in the whole world, so that other Santa can just bring something for me. I hope David doesn't get two racing cars." Oh. Ok.

**I have never said a word about good behavior correlating with Santa's gifts, or anything about the naughty list. But David told me this morning, "I told Katy last night that I'm going to be nice so Santa will come on Christmas. Being on the naughty list means that you are mean." I know he got this partially from the Dora Christmas special, but it's amazing what all they pick up.

**I'm still giddy about Aldi, you guys. There is a noticeable difference in my grocery budget, and I'm not having to work so hard with all the coupons.

**Yesterday afternoon, Brian and I braved the shopping crowds with the 3 littles in tow, attempting to knock a few items off of our list. We ate dinner in the Target food court (don't judge me), and pushed the kids to the absolute limit before heading home. We stopped to fill the van with gas on the way home, right at Luke's bedtime (he was already screaming before we got to the station). Brian put the key in the ignition - won't start. It's freezing cold, everyone's tired, Luke is crying, and we were having trouble finding anyone to give us a jump. We tried to think of a friend to call - but if the jump doesn't work and we need a ride home - it has to be someone who can accommodate 5 extra people in their car, including 3 car seats. We called the one we could think of who was fairly close, and luckily, before he arrived, someone gave us a jump and the van started. So far today, knock on wood, the van has started several times with no problems. (What was that I was saying about loving to Christmas shop?)

**I'm loving the Christmas cards in the mail everyday. Keep 'em comin'!!


Oma said...

Luke isn't screaming on the Santa visit. The 18-month trip is usually the one where children are terrified. Either he will follow Katy anywhere, or Luke is fearless. :-)

bluedaisy said...

Love that Santa photo- just precious!
P.S.- We sometimes eat at the Target foodcourt too. I love when there is also a starbucks!