Friday, July 09, 2010

What kind of anniversary gift is made of wood?

On our wedding day, my friend Maureen gave us a unique gift. She placed a greeting card on each table at the reception and instructed the guests to sign the card, giving us anniversary wishes for the table number where they were sitting. The people at table one wrote first anniversary wishes and the people at table eighteen wrote eighteenth anniversary wishes. She then collected the cards and puts one in the mail each year. I always forget that it's coming and it's a really nice surprise (sweet gift idea, huh?).

This week we received the card for our fifth anniversary (which is apparently the anniversary of wood?). On the one hand it doesn't seem like it's been five years, yet the life that I was leading as a single person seems so foreign to me at this point. I can't believe that as quickly as the first five years have gone - the next five will have passed before we know it. Sometimes I want to get through certain stages quickly, yet put on the brakes and enjoy where we are!

In this year's card, one person predicted that "Brian's a little grayer and the car seats fill the back seat." They're correct about the car seats, if they know our personalities, they would know that I'm the one going gray over it. Brian's a relaxed fellow.

Another friend said this: "Here's to five years of great memories...reflect and rejoice in that! We love you and pray that your marriage will continue to nurture and enrich your lives in the grace of God." As I read that, I paused to realize how easy it is to forget, in the midst of the car seats and the gray hair, how fortunate I have been to be married to such a wonderful husband and father. And that marriage should nurture and enrich our lives, if we are committed to working at it and enjoying it. So I pray that this year I will keep that as a priority on my mind and heart. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband of five years!!


Oma Froehle said...

Happy Anniversary! I forgot to send you a card with all the excitement; but I promise to babysit the next time I am in town so you and Brian can have a belated anniversary date. Mom

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary! It's hard to believe it was 5 years ago already. For a "wood" gift, maybe you should buy a tree and plant it?

Kelsey said...

LOVE that card idea and may steal it for the next family wedding.

Congratulations to you!